My Style, My Way




One thing to know about me with style is I don’t like to follow any rules, if I like it, it fits good, price is descent, then more than likely it’s in my closet. Take my collection of fanny packs that if given the opportunity and the weather is nice, it’s a great addition to any outfit if you don’t want to carry anything. Not sure why I wanted everyone to know about my collection of fanny packs but I can be random like that. I know a few friends that are cringing at that but once again I like what I like. I wish I could say I follow trends but I’ve always found great joy in putting the simplest pieces together. I guess I say all this to mean, truly do what works best for you when it comes to fashion, if you want to wear white after Labor Day, do it,if you want to mix and match prints, do that as well. All I’m saying is, if you’re trying too hard and what you’re wearing doesn’t fit who you are people can tell, so take all the magazines and other outlets that provide this style advice with a grain of salt because at the end of the day, it’s really putting your own spin on all the things that influence you to buy the things you do, follow your own style and be your own trendsetter. If you can rock the mess out of a paper bag and people still want to know where you got it from at the end of the day, that shows how comfortable you are in your own skin and that fashion doesn’t make you, you make the fashion, reference to a movie, if anyone can guess but the word fashion isn’t used. :). I was fidgeting to throw some psych thoughts of mine in that, but I’ll save that for Wellness Wednesday’s, see you then.


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Turtleneck: J.Crew Factory

Jean: Gap

Watch: Relic



Balancing Your Thoughts

Hi there. I’ve been exploring a bit of D.C. lately as this marks a year in. There’s always so much to do and a majority of these things are FREE. That word plays an important factor on what events I choose to entertain.:)  I’ve been thinking lately about how much of our energy is put towards the wrong things and how this can be so draining in our overall mental health. We give so much power to external factors throughout our day that it consumes us to the point where self-care gets thrown out the window. Maybe someone didn’t say the right thing to you today, so you may critique how they said what they said to you, what they could have meant by it, etc, or maybe someone didn’t respond to you as quickly as you would like or every little thing at work, truly annoys the mess out of you. For all those reasons and any specific ones you may have, all this truly does, is take you away from focusing on the great person that you are. Self-doubt can be at an all time high during times like this and being aware of this, is key to be able to restructure your thinking, take that step back and analyze you, take stock of what things you need right now to fuel all that greatness that you are disregarding.  Overall, its all about balance and getting you to a place, where you are in tune with your thinking and how this can influence how you feel and interpret the outside world. So, in starting the week off like you should, focus on overall balance, focus on your thinking, jot things down and revisit them to get some clarity and limit re-occurring thoughts. Pick a goal for the week and see how much importance your goal can become when you take that time to nurture it, and focus on what things can be done to change old behaviors into newer healthier ones. Let me start,

My goal this week: Focus on me and everything I have going on, what someone else does has nothing to do with me. I will measure this by keeping a log, just to see how often I entertain this and allow it to take me away from specific things I need to focus on.


Happy Monday it will be. Talk to you soon.

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Blouse and Shoes: Zara

Pants: StitchFix help (Lysse)



Its Me



Oh hey there, *extends hand to shake yours* this is my first post of many and just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.  I enjoy long walks on the beach ;), few glasses of rosé every now and then, fave color is bubblegum pink (yes, I had to specify), anything psych related is my passion and if I could travel more often than my bank account is set up for, I would. I have a tendency to overthink things, but when it comes to fashion, I do what works for me. Its the beginning of the week and can’t quite get over the hump, maybe due to stress, feeling like I don’t have enough time in the day to complete things,  but I guess its all in how I perceive it. I can choose to think differently on how I would like my week to go to maybe have a different outcome and this is really what my blog is about, a space for me to express my current feelings, sharing what I know about wellness and taking care of self, while also adding a tinge of fashion flare to spice things up. I feel like what you wear can set the stage for how you want your day to go. I had someone say to me yesterday that even though she didn’t feel too happy and wanted to stay in bed, she took the time to pick out her outfit, do her makeup and it really did help to boost her energy, which improved her mood as the day went on. So in starting this 1-day anniversary right in getting this blog up and running for anyone looking for a mixture of wellness, style and all things that create balance,  do something for yourself today, starting with an article of clothing, maybe something bright, something shiny, a pop of color never hurt anyone and wear it like its no tomorrow. I know I will with these shoes.

If you have found yourself here for any reason, thanks and welcome.

Hope you come back soon.

Top: Osu market in Ghana

Jeans: Gap