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Thinking of A Different Outcome To Manage Certain Feelings You Might Have

Different outcome

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We can always expect that we know how a situation will play out. Maybe they won’t like me, or they’ll talk behind my back, maybe I shouldn’t do this presentation because I already know it won’t go great. You see we tell ourselves quite a bit in situations where we’re about to challenge a possible weakness and possibly strengthen this quality about us but our self-talk is hiding out waiting on these moments to keep you in the same space you’ve always been.

We Have Work To Do

This is what can keep us in our heads, strays us away from growing and doing great things with what we’re capable of and just get out of this comfort zone we love to cuddle in. I think what can work is learning to think of a different outcome, when we’re able to be challenged in a way that we aren’t comfortable with.

For every thought we have about what could possibly go wrong, why can’t we have the same thought about how the situation could go good?

See how that can help with shifting your mindset overtime? We at times are so immersed in how a situation may look, we’ve thought about how bad we may do in a situation, how others may comment on how bad we did, we even think of ways that we can negatively label ourselves and what does that do? It just keeps hitting on that self-esteem of ours and this is what frightens us in a way to not challenge ourselves in different aspects of our lives.

What Can Happen?

Now if you were to shift your thinking, what do you think that would do to you? Your confidence goes up, you know you can be in control of situations, and that you have certain strengths in you to do what you’re meant to do in whatever situation you’re about to go in.  To go into situations confident that you will do your best, it starts with how you train your mind to shift to the good rather than the not so good. I’ve yet to meet someone who could tell me whats really going to happen in a situation before it happens so why create that already for ourselves, but if you know of someone I’d like that number, but then again why would you want to know? Experiencing life as it is, is so fruitful because you challenge aspects of you that have been waiting for moments like this to help you grow and discover the greatness in you.

Thinking of A Different Outcome

So, how will you think of a different outcome to ponder on to overcome situations that keep causing you some form of anxiety, fear, frustratation, sadness, etc?


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