Getting Out of Your Own Way to Follow Your Passion

I had a friend visit this weekend, which just helped me get back to me. We have known each other since high school and at times you need people that can bring you back to reality.  She seen me through good and not so great moments and I love the honesty that comes with our relationship.

We found ourselves at a few places this weekend and just got lost in conversation, talking about the good and not so good things going on in our lives, how some people really can affect your life if you allow them, what each of us is working towards, and just checking in with each other on our mental state making sure the other wasn’t hiding anything. You know how it can be when we can try to sugarcoat our current situation to not be judged? This friend of mine can see through the bull and vice versa and we can call each other out, which is refreshing to have a friendship like that.

It’s such a great feeling to be able to have connections with people who you can freely talk to.  I love that we can also piggyback off of each other’s ideas to really make the other person better by something we notice that can be adjusted to make life a little bit better to maneuver through.

As we continued talking and getting deep into things,  we came across my focus and passions. I truly believe I have an entrepreneurial spirit,  it’s just I have gotten in my own way quite a few times, with thoughts of uncertainty, possibility of failure and just not believing in myself in some way. My friend said it best but that was the gist of what she was implying. Told you guys this is a work in progress for me but I know I’ve gotten better about this because I started this blog and I’ve kept at it, regardless of who reads it. I’m proud of myself that I have been able to get out of my comfort zone and safe space to do what I love. I think we will never challenge ourselves and what we’re capable of, if we don’t ever take that first step in anything.

It seems fitting to talk about this because we also attended a talk on following your dreams and being able to follow your passion and it really resonated with me. We may at times need that extra push and it’s finding that motivation in some way. Be it from people who talk about their struggles to getting to their passion, inspirational quotes, or your own failures, its finding something to get you going.

One of the panelists said something that I’ll leave you with, especially if you’ve been trying to do more with your time and energy. They said regardless of what you’re trying to do, everything doesn’t have to be perfect before you start, it’s just starting in some way, learning from any mistakes you make and building from that.

I keep telling myself I’m waiting until the right moment and that right moment isn’t ever going to come, it’s what I make out of my current situation and make the best of that. The goal is keep on going in some way because it will all connect in some way, just need to be open to making mistakes and open to learning and adjusting goals as needed.

How will you challenge yourself moving forward? How are you holding yourself back and whats one thing you can do to stop that?


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