When You Feel Invisible in All Aspects of Your Life

Do you ever have those moments where you just feel invisible? Maybe you’re not feeling heard at work, not getting call backs when you reach out to people, not getting invited to things that maybe you would like to?

I think at times for me, I’ve felt this in some way at work, or just other areas, thinking, “Where are people when I need them?” “Why are people not standing up for me?” “Why, aren’t they listening to things I’m trying to say?” And you know what at times I have felt invisible because I didn’t voice certain things when I had the chance, because of maybe just being in my head about what others would think, that others wouldn’t like my idea, I wouldn’t sound as intelligent as others, etc. So, this can be internalized and feel like no one is on my side.  Also, there are certain expectations about thinking that others should know how we feel about things and when that expectation isn’t met, we feel like no one sees or hears us in any way shape of form.

There have been times where I truly don’t feel I was heard whether it’s with my ideas, my concerns, my needs and for me in those moments, it’s about if I continue to express things and things still aren’t being heard, then it’s truly recognizing, where to go from here. My value, my worth and moving towards a path where I am recognized in my abilities, is key. If there is any aspect of your life where you’re experiencing this, what’s your next step? This can’t be your story, and this doesn’t have to be the life you have set out for yourself. It’s about finding that strength to show yourself the level of importance you carry in any aspect of your life to feel recognized the way you should.


What to Do Right Now?

  • Break down the situation to see what really happened for you to think the thoughts you’re thinking.
  •  Get out of your head and decide how you will start to show yourself because we need to see that.

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” Dr. Seuss


  • Get out of your comfort zone to see how your strengths and abilities can be spread in areas that use you to full your potential.
  • Take control over the situation. If you need to voice your concerns more, or make that big move instead of waiting on others, just be more of an active participant in your life and not allowing others to do that for you.

I know when we feel like we aren’t being seen, we can internalize things and talk down on ourselves about “why” this is happening, and what kind of person it makes you. You may  doubt your skills, may criticize yourself a bit and you know what to do in this moment? “STOP” Halt those thoughts in their tracks. There is a reason why you may feel invisible, so think about anything that triggered this, anything that happened yesterday that has transpired into today, think about how you’ve been feeling, any things you need to work through to have a clearer mind.

It all starts with the thoughts you have and sometimes a mental cleanse is what’s needed. It can be helpful to clear out thoughts of yesterday or the week before to fully be present in whats going on now and feel like you’re part of what you need to be a part of.

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