Is it Time To Declutter?

Changing your life to get to a place where you experience overall wellness takes work. How often do you declutter things that don’t necessarily go along with the life you currently have? As you grow through different experiences in your life, there’s always room to let a few things go to be able to enjoy what you having going on, right? Uh-huh. So I’m piggybacking off of what I wrote on Monday and digging a bit deeper into why decluttering needs to happen throughout this thing we call life. At times its impossible to see things clearly when you’re still carrying around baggage that you don’t need, behaviors that don’t suit you well and coping skills that no longer work with your new way of going about life. So, I have a few questions to really see if decluttering is what you need to do.

  • Is this person/behavior/situation helping you grow in any way or is it holding back?-You have to take that step back at times and really question why you continue to allow certain things to still be in your life. If something continues to hinder your growth, then its time to let it go, if something keeps holding you back and making you not see your abilities, its time to let it go. Along with this, if you have people in your life that only give you just enough and maybe you give them more of your time, then maybe it’s evaluating some things, if people aren’t on the same path as you mentally and may either try to bring you down to their level, this is another good time to evaluate who you call a friend and who is just someone who you will allow to pass through ever so often.
  • What type of feelings/symptoms does this person/behavior/situation evoke in you?- Think about how you feel when you’re in moments when dealing with certain things and pay attention to how you feel after the fact. When you really pay attention to how you react in certain moments, what physical symptoms you experience in these moments, you can identify if this is a helpful situation for you. If you experience a slight agitation, quickly get defensive, then once again this is another time to take a step back and analyze some things about this person/situation. Keeping a log can also help in this process for you to visually see the effects that a particular behavior/situation/person has over you.
  • If you were let go of this person/situation/behavior, how would that affect your life?-There are times when we just need to reflect on things, especially when you’re feeling a bit unbalanced and don’t know the root cause is, sit back and take stock of a few things and really think about what your life would look like if this person/situation/behavior was no longer part of your inner circle.  We at times don’t want to let go because that thing or person has been a part of our life for so long but this is when you go back to the first question and really ask yourself if this is helpful to your growth or just hindering it.

If you find yourself needing to declutter, hope this provides some guidance for you on why you should start this process to help you see how your life could probably be once you take some things out that no longer serve you any purpose. It’s a hard process and also ongoing but it’s needed when you’re going through this journey of self-discovery and I think that’s where I’m at, it’s also never too late to really start this process. Thanks for reading and will let you know how my decluttering goes as I really start to pay attention to a few things to make sure there’s a true purpose for it in my life.

Have a good one.



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