Early Process of Decluttering Your Life

Hiiiii, so how was your weekend? Let’s see, what did I do besides decluttering, well I’m really trying to get back on track with overall wellness and getting my mojo back on just being happy.

I feel like I’ve had moments in the last few weeks where I really just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. Why I couldn’t really be motivated? If I’m really happy with different things in my life and so on and so on, but I think it’s really just wanting to make some changes for myself, how I react to things, wanting to do more with my blog platform and just being in tune with the now and not letting my thoughts about things not presently occurring influence my mood. I think sometimes it’s wanting that instant gratification in wanting a change to happen now and I’m just learning that as I’m making positive changes small or big, its something and I need to trust the process.

J.W mentioned to me that as I’m making this change towards being a better person, working towards the things I want, I’m in this space of fear, I don’t know what’s going to happen and there is this underlying feeling of not knowing what to expect and I think being a person that has to have that control at times to know what is going on, I’m not sure how to handle it. So, not sure what occurred this weekend but I feel a bit liberated. I have been in a better mood, thinking more positively and also have been able to focus a bit better on things. One of the things I did do was get back on a regular routine of dancing on Saturday and its really something when we go off track just a little on things we do that improve how we feel, it really does throw us off.

In this moment of positive energy, it really got me thinking about decluttering a few things as well, I think at times moments like this really make you look at things differently and help you see that certain things/people, probably aren’t helpful to your growth anymore.I had a client mention to me a few weeks ago a book he was reading about decluttering and not just our space but your life and I wanted to apply some of this to my own life. In the next few weeks, I want to declutter some things, my space, getting our space more organized, decluttering of certain relationships and just decluttering my thoughts. It’s just sometimes all the things we have around at times, can really just be too much and the funny thing is we don’t need all these things, as we make any positive change towards growth, there is no rule that says we need to bring all of our past baggage with us and every so often its good to remove some things in our life to have a clear mindset and focus on what we’re trying to do. Going through this process of decluttering your life is a process and the first step is expressing that this is what you want to do, so check and check back in on Wednesday, where I share more about the benefits of decluttering your life and what it can really do to your overall quality of life.

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