Our own Superpowers

I couldn’t let all this talk about all the superhero movies we’ve been having go to waste  without actually dedicating a post to it in some way shape or form. As I usually think about the random things that I do, I wondered, if these superhero’s have the supernatural powers that they do, do we ever think about our own unique abilities that others can’t replicate? And if so, are we doing our due diligence to make sure we are making this uniqueness stronger and apparent as each day goes on. I feel in the movies we see that some are either born with certain powers or they were accidentally given these powers but overall they continue to shape this superpower, whatever it is.I was thinking long and hard about what my superpower could be or just what sets me apart from others and if I make it a point to make this a stronger part of who I am on a regular basis? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I think for me, I know certain things I’m good at and so it’s a little bit of cockiness in that I feel why do I need to make it better but I think there’s always that room for improvement, there’s always something we don’t know and we can always do certain things to tweak certain great qualities about ourselves to make them better. Like I mentioned, do we know the things that make us unique to the point where we are making sure we’re feeding it the nutrients it needs to be something great so when that time comes for us to really need and use that skill, we are ready. I think at times with everything we have going on, we don’t really pay attention to what truly makes as unique and we have so many life distractions that we truly are just trying to make it with what we have and what we have could be holding us back from seeing so many good qualities about ourselves that we could be overlooking. If you ever have the time or better yet make the time, ask yourself what makes you unique? Create a space where you can truly think about this. Then how are dedicating time in your life to make this skill stronger? What would you like to use this special skill for? Sometimes really getting down to moments where we may have stopped doing things we used to, can help us think about things differently, gets us motivated again to get back to a place where we recognize who we are, where we want to go, how we get there and along the way building up our qualities so when we get there, we have what we need. Didn’t want to keep you too long but thought I would sprinkle this bit of randomness on this last Monday of the month. Have a good one and thanks for reading.

Goal for the week: Reading and building up my knowledge of different ways to improve my counseling techniques.

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