Quote of the Day

What would you rather be known as, someone who was stagnant and never grew into who they should be or someone who was always looking forward wanting to making something of themselves? Only through growth can we really start to bridge that gap between the different parts of ourselves that we present to others. I always try to look at each moment of my life, whether it was painful or a great experience, I always try to ask myself what is it that I learned during this situation that can help me move forward with things and what Mr. Maslow says in this quote really describes that. That fear of the unknown is no joke and as human beings we get comfortable in what we already know, what our routines are that any type of growth that could possibly take us to the next level, is going to be met with apprehension because we are safe in what we know, anything outside of that, sometimes we may not want any part of it. Pay attention to those moments, maybe they don’t happen often but they can truly take you away from growth and being able to see and do things differently. You have to make it a point to overcome things in your life that want to hold you back from doing great things. You want to live a life full of growth and development and living in fear, holding yourself back doesn’t take you anywhere but where you’re comfortable and that right there is what makes us look back on things and wish we could have done things differently. So, the time is now, what are you going to do with this time?

Happy Sunday..Make this be a great day of self-care and reflection. See you later



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