“What have you done for any relationship today?”

What better way to celebrate the day of love by taking it inward. As I’ve gotten older, my fascination and interest on Valentine’s Day has slowly dissipated, I just feel that along with how overly saturated we make this day, for me personally in my past, I think its been a day where I haven’t ever fully gotten what I expected, what the movies or shows put out there as a perfect Valentine’s Day. In that I mean, it’s always been a day, where you expect that things will be a certain way, whether its dinner, a gift, time with someone, etc and I think its been very rare moments where I truly felt happy about the day and the time that someone took to make the day special. Not talking about my current relationship but this day has always been met with some hurt in some way, whether someone said the wrong thing, maybe didn’t do enough and for me, I’ve tried to really take myself out of celebrating this day to remove expectations that I may have on just this one day. Its been a day where we put emphasis on doing something great for the person we love but I can’t help but think, we go out of our way to do all these things, buy these gifts on this one day but what about the other days, what about just making me feel special daily.  We become stressed about finding the perfect gift, doing the right thing on this day that we can go through leaps and bounds to make this a special day and for me personally, I would appreciate a year round love from the person I’m with, consistently showing me that I matter to them and monetary items are far from what I want, it’s just being able to build with someone, connect, have someone in my corner, etc. Before the start of the new year one of my daily goals has just been asking myself,”What have I done for my relationship today?” It can be something simple but its just a way to check-in with myself and all the things I have going on to pay attention to this one area of my life that I do cherish and want to make sure I’m doing my part to keep us moving towards a path of longevity. I may slip up some days but for the most part this is a question I try to ask myself and then I make it a point to do something, from a sweet little message to a quote, just a quick checking-in period with him or maybe I try to cook something we both can eat but just making this an important goal that we both can strive for. I’ve been learning to really take in what I have and not allow my past situations to define what a relationship has been for me and I have someone who has been patient with me in that journey which I’m really appreciative of. This day of love surely shouldn’t go unnoticed but apply it to other days on a consistent basis, from the relationship you have with your significant other, friends, family, etc. “What is it that you’ve done for that specific relationship today?” You may not be able to do it consistently for everyone but try, that’s all you can do, you can see how something so small can impact the relationships you have with those close to you, if thats something you want. It can be something that helps build on your current relationships, you may build on that open and honest communication that you’ve been wanting and I think in a sense it really does provide some relief in being able to just focus on something simple instead of feeling like you may always need to do something grand to get back in the good graces of these relationships you have that aren’t where you want them to be. Sending you positive vibes, wherever you are and hope this was something you enjoyed. I’m so appreciative of my readers, the positive comments you give and I just hope to continue to help strike something in you to want to do better than what you already are. Thanks for reading.


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