Quote of the Day

And we are back, I think I only missed one week or maybe started only posting on Instagram but my quote of the days are back, Happy Sunday everyone and if you watch football, who you rooting for? I’m really just watching for the commercials. Ok, Alvie focus, so I touched a bit about how we can get comfortable with staying in the past this week and also about our communication styles and this quote really ties into both in that  the way we maneuver on a daily basis in someway has to do with our past. We communicate in a certain way, due to how others have responded to us when we speak our mind and sometimes we just get comfortable in just thinking about what has always been, that any change kind of throws us off, we can’t handle that, even if this change could be good, it’s just we sometimes can’t wrap our head around new things, looking at situations a bit differently to get a different outcome or communicating your needs in a way that you’re paid attention to more. We have this tendency to label events, oh this event was bad, so anything that comes that’s similar is all bad and we just keep our mind-set on these labels so every time we are hit with these recurring events, we seem to keep the same thoughts and expectations and thats where we need to change. If an event happens, it happens, I’m always saying, take that step, really analyze the situation, be mindful of your thoughts and really look at the situation with a different set of eyes, so you can think differently about the outcome. Once again, get out of your comfort zone, your old way of thinking will not and does not work all the time because the only way you will get the same outcome is if you keep thinking in that way, so do things differently, take expectations out of the picture and just take situations as they are and deal with your feelings/emotions in that moment as they are. Get out of your head and be present with what is going on, don’t let your mind take you somewhere you don’t need to go, you need to be here in this moment, thinking of the situation in this moment and not letting other events cloud your judgment on how this current situation will play out. Whew, think I got out what I wanted. Take care and see you tomorrow.

Oh..self-care Sunday is today sooooo…..maybe learn something new big or small just something different from the ordinary.



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