Building Up Your Happiness Tank

I was given this idea from a someone who commented on my post from Monday and I mean I can’t really do that post justice if I don’t follow up with a plan to building up your happy, doing things that can really fill up that tank. Before getting into the list of things that I have utilized in getting me back to feel good moments,  I wanted to talk little bit about happiness in general. Do you feel you have control over your happiness? I think you do because we always have a choice on how we want to react in a situation, do we not? I’m aware that we can’t just be happy 24/7 because things do happen but once again there is that choice of sitting in a situation letting the negativity of that situation spread all around you or taking situation for what it is and then it’s how do you continue to move forward, can’t look back anymore, it’s happened but what can you do now? I say it so easily but it’s true, I’ve let plenty of situations bring me down so much, that it followed me throughout my day, I couldn’t shake the thoughts and I robbed myself of being able to see the positives of maybe someone trying to cheer me up, receiving a ‘good job’ message from a boss, etc.  Happiness is your mission, it’s whatever you want it to be, if that makes sense buts it’s yours, you just have to want it. One of the things that can happen is letting things/situations define our happiness, those are just moments, you have to define the feeling in you first so with whatever comes and goes, you are secure enough to not let it rob you of being able to experience happiness on a consistent basis. Your story is yours and no one can take that away from you but its your right to make things happen the way you want to make things happen.  I get so excited writing my post, I feel I can go on and on but I want to keep you here, want you to keep coming back so I try to keep it as  short and interesting as possible, so before I go on some more, here are a list of things to fill up that happiness tank. By the way how full is yours?

  • Release, release, release and if you forgot release: Don’t let things fester, if you need to, voice things in an assertive way, journal if you don’t want to share but get things out so you’re not let issues pile up.
  • Say “NO”: If something doesn’t match with your goals, values, passions or just drains a lot of energy out of you, you know it, let it go and put that pause on things that don’t make you better.
  • Live a life filled with things YOU enjoy
  • Dance it out: This is my hobby that works for me and find a hobby that works for you. I’ve had this dream of dancing for a while, I can catch a beat but putting steps and hand movements into that, I’m lost, but you know what I do it any way, every week I enjoy going to my dance class as silly and awkward as I may look, I still go because it takes me away from the outside world for 1 hr so dance it out like nobody’s watching, there’s also great YouTube channels that help.
  • Pamper yourself in someway, shape of form whenever you get the chance
  • Schedule me time 
  • Get a routine going
  • Date yourself: So you can focus on your likes/dislikes, get to know your values, what you will and won’t accept in your life, etc so when you decide to have another person in your life, they can’t take those things away from you and you recognize your worth.
  • Seek the help/guidance of someone: So they can help with structuring your life to help improve how you feel about living in it.
  • Do something for someone
  • Positive journaling/gratitude journal
  • Make a Vision board

That was a list I must say and hope you found one thing helpful to fill up that tank of yours. As I was writing this,  I couldn’t help but think about the quote from Smokey the Bear, so “Only you can prevent your happiness,” corny but you get my point.

Wellness Wednesday at its best, thanks for coming.


Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

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