Using SMART Goals for Goal Setting

Piggybacking of my last post on motivation, this post right here should get you started in the planning stages of goal setting  take control of things in your life to accomplish the things you would like. Before getting into this, the first step in getting to this point is finding your motivation, because this is what will keep you going when things don’t go the way you expect them to so, if you need to re-read my post or think on it for some days, do that, because we don’t want to rush the process, we want to make sure all the steps needed are nurtured at each stage so before jumping into things you always feel comfortable in a sense that you have mastered the previous step.  When we have a goal in mind, sometimes you get so excited about it that you want to jump face first and think about the consequences last but planning is key, breaking things down into manageable pieces is ideal. I know I have done this plenty of times initially, just wanting to start something, do you know I had a blog before, but me being excited to just want to do this and thinking it was an easy process, I jumped in, didn’t know who would take my pictures, didn’t plan out when I would post, didn’t really research what I should have, so this time I did things differently, I broke things down, set a date on when I wanted to launch, did quite a bit of research on blogging and all the aspects of it that I didn’t know existed, I really just gave my self time and I’m still learning but really I say all that to say, learn to just break things down.

So, in taking charge of your life and working on goal setting, I use a technique called SMART goals and this has helped me put things in perspective.

Specific: Be as specific as possible when you start, you don’t want to get a vague outcome from unclear goals. So, think about what it is you want, you want to be healthier, what will you do? Maybe eat 3-4 different fruits/veggies a day, maybe you will workout for 30/min each day,  to get specific results make sure you make a specific request for yourself that you will truly focus on.

Measurable: This is how you will see if you are doing what you say you’re going to do, to measure your gains, you must have some way of doing this, so you’re holding yourself accountable. So, lets say you want to improve your moods on a consistent basis by doing something each day, to measure this, you could keep a log of this, so each day rate your mood from a scale of 1-10, after each week you’re able to see your progress and able to see if what you’re doing is at least working.

Attainable: What is it that you can do to make this goal a reality? What new habits do you have to implement? What things have to change? You basically can put your mind to anything if it’s that important to you and regardless of the challenge you will figure out a way to make this goal happen.

Realistic: This right here is what I like to focus on the most because this is what can make or break the process. Yes, you can have everything else in line but if it’s not realistic, you really have some explaining to do to that self-esteem of yours. When we feel good about a goal and know that we can accomplish it because of how we’ve broken it down, and what we’ve gathered around us to make sure this goes like it should, this does wonders to our internal self, our self-esteem our positive thinking about what we are capable of.  Being realistic is making sure that if you want something, you have a clear plan to get you there even if the resources are not readily available.

Timely: Set a time frame for when you would like to get your goal accomplished, with this if things aren’t working out like they should and you haven’t made the progress that you would like, this is the time to look at how things are being done, maybe change things up to see if you can get a different outcome.

You may have heard of this method before but this really is how you start to take control of things in your life and really move towards accomplishing them. This is a great way to break down your goal setting so that you focus on one little step at a time before you get to that big goal. As you progress, like I have talked about before, celebrate small accomplishments, don’t just wait until you get to where you want to be, celebrate the process as well so you build up your motivation to keep going.

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