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Being Enough For You

When will you ever feel like you’re enough, I’ve heard in so many ways how we can sometimes compare where our lives are with other people and question why hasn’t this happened to me “yet”?

I can say I’ve had these thoughts, every so often when you see a friend engaged or maybe just being at a point where you may want kids and not having them or just with work, just thinking why certain things haven’t happened yet and so this goes along with having that self-doubt because you start to question yourself, what’s wrong with me? Why haven’t these things happened to me yet? I’ve prayed about it, but still what gives? You know the real answer is you are enough, that’s the first thing so stop doubting who you are in these moments. We want things to happen when we want them to but are we ready if what we were actually asking for lands on our doorstep? Maybe Yes, Maybe No. Sometimes I feel we want to speed up the process to be at a certain point in our life, the media doesn’t help this, but in all honesty at times, we aren’t ready for some of the things we ask for, we still need to build up our resume of life experiences. We still need to look within and make some changes and it all starts with truly being honest with yourself and accepting  your imperfections. I always try to speak from what I have experienced and what has helped so I thought I would give a few tips on what has worked for me in knowing that I am good enough.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: I discuss this in the Monday post here, and really its learning to focus on you, staying on your own path of greatness, comparing yourself only to you and as you keep this focus, you learn to appreciate and accept the person you are and know that the journey that you are on, is really for your eyes only.

Focus on where you would like to be: What are you doing in the now, to reach where you want to be in life? When we really aren’t where we want to be in life, its much easier to doubt who we are so we escape that by leaching on to the positives of someone else’s life and wanting what they have in that moment, instead of looking deeper to put in the work that is needed to get you to the next level of greatness. To get there:

Learn to Stay Present: Cherish the moments you’re in and be mindful of your great qualities. Have moments where you just appreciate the time you have with yourself to be able to explore all the goodness that is you. Build up on your good qualities, improve on some areas that need help but overall it’s really learning to take the good with the bad, accepting who you are and knowing that you’re a work in progress but what you won’t do is continue to bring yourself down by always focusing on the not so great things, because you have so much to offer and you have to see that, because if you don’t who will? If it helps think of one good quality and for each day/week do something to celebrate that quality, whether its doing something to make it better or just putting it to good use but continue to nourish it and build it up.

Hope this was helpful and thanks for reading…

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