Mix of Wellness & Winter style

Hi, hoping you had a great weekend and stayed warm. I was so excited for it to snow for some reason, wanted to go outside and make a snowman but did I, I sadly report that I really didn’t even leave the house this weekend except a bit on Sunday with the boo. I don’t think I know how to drive in the snow even though it looked like it didn’t stick, I didn’t want to take any chances.:).. I did however try my hand at making a vegan pizza on cauliflower crust, turned out pretty good, finished some holiday shopping online and continued reading the Daily Promise, to help with my weekly meditation. If you haven’t read this book, it really is a must to help with focusing on your own happiness/wellness and steps to take towards that on a daily basis. I shared on Instagram, my promise for this week coming up and it’s focusing on not comparing yourself to others. I know I have mentioned this problem I have struggled with in a few posts and still working on it. I do understand that we are all on different paths and comparing yourself with someone who may already be on a path that you may yearn for, shouldn’t happen. We don’t know how this person got to where they’re at, all the hard work they may have gone through, we just see their progress now and want what they have now, but you know it doesn’t work like that. Stay in your lane, compare yourself to you and your own progress, appreciate the steps you’re taking to get to where you want to be, be confident that you will get to where you would like to be and when you get there, you know that this was your journey, you didn’t have to focus on what someone else was doing, you did this for you, you made yourself proud, you got to where you wanted to be by taking small steps and when you finally get to where you want to be, you continue to keep the focus on you and how you can improve for yourself and make changes that up your value. Your worth is so valuable and doesn’t need to be tainted by what you think you should be doing by comparing yourself, focus on what you should be doing for yourself and like they say, the rest should take care of itself. You are unique, there’s no other like you so why try to be where someone else is at, focus on where you need to be at and it’s on your own path, so take the time you need to get to your goal, compare your progress only to you, don’t worry about someone else, they aren’t you, you were placed here for a reason and it didn’t have anything to do with imitating someone else’s path to improve your overall wellness.


Hope you enjoyed and thanks for coming, seeing you back in a few days.




Jacket: Cole Haan

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