Quote of the Day

Stop giving control to situations and others to dictate how you feel on a daily basis. Start taking the lead on how you want your day to go and stop giving outside factors the chance to control certain aspects of your day. We can’t control unexpected situations, what someone may say or do to you but you have a choice on how much energy you give these things. Give yourself time to process things but then how can you pull yourself together? Recite a daily mantra, keep it with you on a notecard and repeat throughout your day. Pay attention to what this thought is, let it control your day, let it be a part of your day and know that regardless of what happens you won’t let it take your shine, you won’t let these bad situations dictate the person you are. Take your power back and let these daily distractors know that you have this control. Try it out and see, wake up and think about a quote that will make your day, continue to repeat it throughout your day, repeat when something unexpected happens and see how your attention starts to shift towards you because you are important, right? Your feelings are important and so are your needs,why not make it a daily habit to try to make sure you give control to the right person, YOU!

Happy Friday, thanks for reading..

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