Quote of the Day

Happy Friday, Hope you enjoy the weekend and let this quote sink in. People around us can play such an important factor in how we think about ourselves but I always say when we are in hectic situations and maybe someone takes something out on us, it really is a reflection of internal things they have going on with themselves and they can use you as their scapegoat, which isn’t fair but when you’re comfortable in your own skin and know the person you are, you learn to let someone else’s view just glide off your shoulder, because you won’t allow them to take your shine. All you can do, is be the best YOU that YOU can be and everything will fall into place, people that don’t deserve you in their life, will take their rightful place on another path that doesn’t involve you, so that you can continue to be on a path of growth and only have around you people that gravitate towards your positive energy and build you up the way they should. We have control on how much energy we give a persons behavior, we can’t change it but we can control how we allow it to effect us.

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