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Oh hey there, *extends hand to shake yours* this is my first post of many and just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.  I enjoy long walks on the beach ;), few glasses of rosé every now and then, fave color is bubblegum pink (yes, I had to specify), anything psych related is my passion and if I could travel more often than my bank account is set up for, I would. I have a tendency to overthink things, but when it comes to fashion, I do what works for me. Its the beginning of the week and can’t quite get over the hump, maybe due to stress, feeling like I don’t have enough time in the day to complete things,  but I guess its all in how I perceive it. I can choose to think differently on how I would like my week to go to maybe have a different outcome and this is really what my blog is about, a space for me to express my current feelings, sharing what I know about wellness and taking care of self, while also adding a tinge of fashion flare to spice things up. I feel like what you wear can set the stage for how you want your day to go. I had someone say to me yesterday that even though she didn’t feel too happy and wanted to stay in bed, she took the time to pick out her outfit, do her makeup and it really did help to boost her energy, which improved her mood as the day went on. So in starting this 1-day anniversary right in getting this blog up and running for anyone looking for a mixture of wellness, style and all things that create balance,  do something for yourself today, starting with an article of clothing, maybe something bright, something shiny, a pop of color never hurt anyone and wear it like its no tomorrow. I know I will with these shoes.

If you have found yourself here for any reason, thanks and welcome.

Hope you come back soon.

Top: Osu market in Ghana

Jeans: Gap




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  1. Such awesomeness Vina!! I love it and you look cute as always!! I will definitely be a frequent visitor!! Did you change photographers?😉

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