Welcome to Alviesmarts! My name is Alvina.

This blog was inspired by the little voice in my head wanting to see more content focused on daily wellness. I want to make this a one stop shop for lifestyle and wellness goals. There is a tendency to alienate routine practices when we don’t see a desired outcome and my goal is helping you work on pieces of your life that overtime connect to improve various aspects of the person you were meant to be. My passion for wellness stems from my background in Counseling and truly being a source in helping others see their strengths that could be overshadowed by certain hinderances. I’d like to think that being a voice of reason for friends also helped me to see my calling.

I’m newbie to the DMV area, I’m a low-key foodie, love pretending to cook from all the recipes I come across, shopping is always on my radar and the time I have with family and friends keeps me balanced.

Thank you for taking time to read a bit about me and lets make this journey something that inspires both you and I.


Licensed Counselor


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