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To Love, Live, Laugh


Photo by Val Vesa on Unsplash

To live carefree in this year, I’m learning to kick things up a notch and love and live in this life. So, I’ve talked a bit about certain things I’ve been working on for self, but I think this year, its being able to do what truly feels right for me. We are told certain things throughout our life and just so many things can influence what we read, eat, what we do, etc. I feel now, I want to influence myself to the point that I’m living for me and not how this world wants to me live. 

To Love

For one, since my relationship ended last year, I think I’ve had this battle with myself on if a relationship is in the cards for me and if I even want that. Through some sole searching, I feel that I want to give love another chance. Just because several people in my past may have messed up how I view relationships. I think for me, I haven’t found someone that can truly make me look at relationships in a more positive place and I think it can happen, it just may take time and I’m here for it. 

 To Live

Another thing is being honest with people by speaking my mind when I’m not too pleased about something.  I’m very much a person that might hold things in, out of fear of hurting people’s feelings but I think I’m over that. There is a way to get your thoughts out in an assertive way to make sure things are being released. No more just accepting how things happen, it’s now about being vocal because your voice, like mine is important, so don’t be fearful of that

To Laugh

Lastly, it’s about laughing, life doesn’t have to be so serious. At times I can get in my own head and instead of being able to be present in the moment to enjoy it, my thoughts can at times take over. So, no more being in dance class, beating myself up about missing a step, I’m going to start getting out of my head and just laugh and smile that I’m in this space. It’s ok to make mistakes, to laugh at yourself, to have fun, to enjoy what’s going on around you. What’s not ok is not being able to find that inner child every so often to be able to let loose. 

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