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Change the Scenario


Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

I’ve talked about this before and wanted to share more ways we can change the scenario to get a different outcome for ourselves.

One of the things that occurs in life is how we can continue to place ourselves in situations or we may avoid  moments due to a perceived fear of what we think could happen if we change things up for the better. At times we think this change may not work, so it may be best to continue with doing what we’ve done in the past, using an unhealthy coping response.

Think about it, if you’ve ever experienced anxiety, you tend to avoid moments where your anxious feelings could be affected. With depression, you tend to not do anything at times, because of the thought you can’t, things won’t change, etc. so you just continue to be in this state of feeling like you do.  The thing is you can’t see the change you want to see in any moment if you don’t try to tackle it in some way..Right?

To be comfortable enough to take that next step in any moment to overcome the certain feelings, it’s focusing on changing your scenario. Basically, this is changing up how you see this moment, imagining a different outcome and taking necessary steps to get you over this hurdle.

There is no set rule that we have to continue to live in this state of feeling anxious, sad, angry, frustrated, irritable, etc. It can be changed. I always wonder if at times we think this is possible. Yes, at times there are mood changes within us that arise unexpectedly, but if we experience certain emotions long enough, should we try to take some responsibility in changing up how we are affected so it doesn’t continue to hinder our growth?

To Change Up the Scenario, a few things to get you started

Not every thought that we have about certain moments is valid. Recognize when your mind is playing tricks on you, when you’re just limiting yourself, recognize when you’re not challenging yourself and take a simple approach to think about things differently to create a new scenario for yourself.

Thanks for reading, I got 2 post in the bag this week. Look at me and if you didn’t catch what I wrote, check it out here.

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