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Consistency Is The Focus

Happy New Year..I was trying to think of a word that described a bit of how I wanted to look into the new year and happened to find that consistency is where I wanted to start.

I’m not big on resolutions for the year but having a word to focus on may just be what I start to do from here on out. It may be something that could work for you as well. You can feel a bit more in control with a word. Also, its not as overwhelming as creating a list on top of lists for your New Year’s resolution.

The reason for this chosen word is because I know I have a tendency to stop certain things and then I wonder why things continue to be the same. I think if we want things to be different, we have to have some sort of consistency in how we approach situations, people, etc. One of the things that I have started to do is make lists for myself at work and home. This helps me hold myself accountable in focusing on my goals. Consistency to me is the ability to take yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s a way to be driven towards something that is important to you and it can be helpful in making you create an action plan for yourself to make sure you’re fully aware of what you’re trying to do.

I created a video today that I shared on my Instagram stories and what I mentioned along with consistency is just the ability to reinvent yourself. That should be a focus because its about looking at where you’re currently at in your life and recognizing the changes that need to occur. Consistency with this is knowing yourself to the point that you continuously check-in with self to make sure things are going as planned and if not, going back to the drawing board to create a new path, even with the same goals.

The plan for this year and my word ‘consistency’ is being able to follow my passion, sticking with a plan I have had about having my own business one day, taking care of self to the point where regardless of who comes in and out of my life, no one can break that bond that I have with self and lastly its truly bringing a lot more satisfaction into my life by creating opportunities for growth, adventure and self-acceptance.

I shared with you my word or focus, how about you and what are your thoughts for the new year?

Thanks for reading and I promise to start being more ‘consistent’ in posting.


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