Your Inner Self

I think I’ve told you guys my love for the motivation app. Just like I have certain routines in the morning, this has been a staple for me every morning for a while now. I’m dealing with a little bit of writers block and just getting back into the groove of things after moving and traveling. I wanted to share this message because I feel like someone needs to hear this today.

I received this message yesterday morning as I proudly looked through my morning notifications until I found my 6 am morning message from none other than the motivation app. Not sure how you roll in the mornings but this is what I look forward to, to help me get the day started and to just be a source of inspiration to keep me focused on the prize. What’s that prize? It’s just making sure that I’m making consistent changes in my life to evolve into the person I want to become. I’m eyeing Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” as a book to keep me on this path as well.

So, my focus was just talking about this message/quote. Isn’t it a nice way to really dig deep into creating a space around you that you’re happy with, but first starting off with all the things within you.

How you talk to yourself should be a start? Are you kind? Are you negative? Whichever one, pay attention. How you treat yourself sets the blueprint for how you see things. We miss quite a bit on how we can bring ourselves down. “I’m not doing a good job,” ” I’m so stupid for making that mistake..” Constantly making statements that do damage to your self-esteem, effects how you’re able to enjoy different aspects of your life. If you’re constantly not great to you, the only person at times you need to take some time and nurture for a bit, then all the great things going on that you could be enjoying, won’t even matter.

Do Something About Your Inner Space

  • Be aware of things you say to self, if it’s not good, how can you start to catch yourself?
  • Check-in with yourself and make sure things are matching up. If you’re feeling a certain way, can anything help in this moment? Your thoughts can at times help or worsen a situation so make a plan on certain things you can say to yourself, certain things you can do in the moment to keep you thoughts on a path that is healthy for you.
  • Be immersed in making self-care a priority.  What are those things that help you relax, help you feel good, bring a smile to your face, etc? Whatever it is, make sure you’re doing these things consistently.
  • Start to replace certain usual descriptions of yourself with something more positive. Just think of how you usually describe a friend and apply the same concept to how you talk about self
  • Identify the good in you, maybe think of five things and while you’re at it write this list down and post somewhere and then keep adding to this list.

Learn to focus on what you deserve, your worth, your value, what you bring to different aspects of your life. When you can identify your qualities, your skills, what is truly rewarding to you, you’re making a shift into this space of building up your self-concept and that right there is so important.

There are some people who don’t have a good grasp on who they are and so they don’t know what to improve on and the life they have is everybody else’s but their own.

It takes time and it takes patience with self to start to see life in a different way. For your happiness to show in your behaviors, how you interact with your outside world, it starts with the internal dialogue you unconsciously/consciously/subconsciously have with the voice inside you. You can do so much to change it so start today. Like right now, go ahead.

Thanks for reading.


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