Thoughts on Self-Care

So I don’t know about you guys but last week was just one of those weeks. With all the things going on in politics, it really is just tough hearing all the news.  I’ve mentioned before how important it is to make sure you make your mental health is a priority, especially with the state that our world is in. I’ve never been too much into politics but lately, its been something I’m focusing more on. This post isn’t necessarily about that,  just stressing the importance of taking time for yourself consistently, making your self-care a focus.

I thought about this topic early on Thursday morning when I made some time to actually eat breakfast. I usually rush in the mornings and eat my breakfast at work. Being able to take these few minutes to make my breakfast and sit was a pretty relaxing moment because I made it a self-care priority. It felt good sitting in a bit of silence, getting prepared for the day. How often do you make little moments in your life that focus on how you take care of yourself a priority? If you’re finding it hard to answer that, I need some answers on why? I can wait…

What You Need To Do

You need love and care too and shouldn’t let that be dismissed because of all that you may have going on. So, in honor of this self-care Sunday, which I think can be applied to any other day, make it a point to do things for yourself. It’s not selfish, it’s just knowing that at all times, you need to be good with you before applying yourself to other areas of your life.

What You Might Need To Get In Check

If you need to make sure your mental health is good, that may mean taking a step back from going out, gossiping, being in the mix of everything but your own business and finding out what you need to manage the feelings you have. If you have a way of how you talk to people and maybe it doesn’t come out in the nicest way,  work through ways of how you approach communicating with others, figure out where that type of communicating comes from and fix it. Maybe you still feel don’t feel fully connected in your relationships, then maybe it’s having a transparent come to Jesus moment with yourself to see what things you can work through to make you a stronger individual for yourself before you place yourself in a relationship that requires a good balance of independence and compromise.

Maybe you’re trying to upgrade your life in some way and having issues with following through. Whatever it is, focus on what you need to do to get your self-care in check.

Things I’ve Learned

I’m learning the importance of self-care, even when I feel I’ve got it down pact, something may happen that changes my focus. Our lives can really consume us to the point where we don’t look after ourselves. It can be about completing this for work, making sure you’re making this person happy, limiting exercise, holding things in, etc. These moments are ways that our environment is telling us things need to change before it’s too late and it becomes our life and any ounce of self-care gets thrown out the window.

Let your self-care become a habit.

Thanks for reading


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