Keeping Your Motivation To Follow Through With What You Say You’re Going to Do

Hey there…How’s it going? How’s life? All good I hope, even with any little hiccups that have come your way, you still have some motivation left in you. This weekend really showed that summer is officially outta here, and fall is coming. I’m actually looking forward to the cooler weather and buying some things that I need.  Trying to live this minimalist lifestyle one day at a time.

I did a few things this weekend and one of them was attending a Blogger Brunch and what it taught me was how diverse this blogging world is and how our paths to truly being successful can be so different yet rewarding.  One of the things that I appreciate about the panelist of bloggers was their motivation to go after what they wanted. To build a brand focused on you, I think it really speaks volumes because you have to accept all of who you are, negative self-talk and all because you’re wanting to build this space that shows off what you’re capable of and there’s no time to doubt your abilities.

This motivated me in a way because I feel I have this tendency to say what I’m going to do but at times my actions don’t follow through like I would like. This panelist of women, basically matched their actions with their words. Big snaps for that. Something I need to work on to keep my motivation going.  I’m not just talking about myself, what about you, how’s that follow through game going for you?

Is This You?

What happened to you speaking up for yourself at work? What about following through on getting a raise and talking about the promotion you so know you deserve? Maybe that little invention or idea you have that you keep doubting yourself about, that it won’t work? What about making that time for the gym that’s connected to your apartment?

This is Your Time

This is your time to do it, one step at time,  just start, if not, when? Not everything has to be in line for you to start. I’ve heard this several times from people who have started anything in some way.  We hold ourselves back to the point that we at times get to this space in our lives where we look back and question where all the time has gone and then follow that up with several regrets, which cycles into negative self-talk and different layers of our self-esteem is impacted, which can do damage to our overall mental health.  

Here are a few tips to start this process of following through and living this meaningful life you were given:

Get out of your head

This is number one for a few things but for you to believe in your success, you’re going to have to feed that mind of yours with thoughts to keep your motivation going. If you’re doubting your abilities, make a list of your strengths to look at when you need a pick me up. Focus on what you can do now and make getting out of your head a priority. What you create in your mind is what you believe, so create a healthy mindset that appreciates this journey you’re about to embark on. 

Plan, Plan, Plan, Something

Have a way to plan things out, no matter how big or small, put it on paper. I would love to say I have mastered this but its still something I’m working on. There are several journals out there that can help you get a plan going for yourself. I like this journal called the Happy Planner, found at Micheal’s and got cheaper with a coupon.  Utilize SMART goals to focus on one aspect of this plan at a time. Make a to-do list daily, check-in with yourself at the end of each day, incorporate your power hour for writing out this plan. Do something. I think a plan is a good way to go. It gives you a chance to see where you’re going, where your currently at and what you need to change. Depending on what it is, figure out a way to keep yourself on track to keep your motivation going.

Make Sure It Matters To You

This isn’t about what someone else wants and you’re trying to follow in that path because it’s what’s best.  It’s about you and if this thing you keep talking about is really something you want to do for you, then it’s making a pact with yourself. No matter the struggles, the sacrifices you will have to make, you will stick this out because you believe you can make this happen. You will learn a great deal about yourself during this process and you will come out of this knowing that when you say something, you have what it take to follow through.

What’s the First Step You Can Take 

It doesn’t matter what you do but start something consistently. If it’s carving out 5 minutes each day to jot down ideas, think of a name for this thing, or if it’s just looking at ways to make your vision come to light. Whatever it is that you need to really focus on, just start with, “What is the first step that I can take?” It’s all part of the process and big or small, you’re going to have to start somewhere. Consistency is key so don’t allow distractors (social media, people bringing your idea down, etc) to get in the way of your vision.

Lastly, get someone who can really hold you accountable

Like really. You need someone who will be on you like no other so you can follow through. You need someone to keep that motivation going for you, so find someone who can do that. Whether its someone trying to do the same thing as you, a family member, a mentor,  whoever just make sure they know what you’re asking of them and if they will take on this challenge to get you to where you’re trying to go.


You can do this and it all starts with you. Doing something is what you need to keep your motivation going to make you stick things out. What that thing is, is up to you. So, how will you follow through and keep your word?


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