What A Relationship Doesn’t Have To Be

So, I had written out most of what I was going to mention on relationships today and I can’t seem to find it, like it never existed. Hate when that happens. So, I will just knock this out, straight from what I’m thinking right now. Something else, social media really is the devil in disguise. I’m trying to be productive because there are a few things I’m wanting to do differently in my professional life and I get so sucked in at times looking at absolutely nothing. Social media fast, here I come. Off topic again per usual.

My reasoning for writing about this topic was some surprising stats I heard today. It’s suicide awareness month and that was the focus of this webinar I was listening in on today and the top contributing factor from the CDC on suicide, was relationship issues. Very surprising and it truly is a wakeup call because even in the news and media, we hear about these things, may not pay too much attention at times but this really is a serious issue, when we’re bringing another energy into our space and the effects it can have on us.

What I Think About Relationships

I was also just thinking about relationship in general, due to current life changes I’m going through, and I wanted to share my thoughts on things. We put forth quite a bit of expectations on certain relationships, specifically those with our significant others and if they don’t go as expected, the damage it can do.

Relationships are beautiful, if you ever get that chance to fully be immersed in all of what someone is without judging and expecting certain things, it really can be a good natural energy that comes your way without much trying.  For me, relationships have been quite a learning experience, I’ve made mistakes that I’ve learned from and I think now I’m in this space of regardless of who I’m with, I won’t settle.

If there are certain things that I want in a relationship, I will not back down from them, which is different I feel from having certain high standards of perfection in a sense that some may look for. I think for me, it’s really about having someone in my corner 100% and just feeling like this person will challenge me to no regard and build me up in the same way that I do for them.

I just wanted to jot down my thoughts on what I feel a relationship is not and let me know if you agree and also have any additional things to add. We owe it to ourselves to be in a space with someone who brings with them good energy and without that its knowing when to deuce it out and create that space for yourself.

A Relationship is Not

  • One sided
  • Always 50/50, sometimes someone may have to bend just a little but it’s still a joint progress towards the goals of the relationship.
  • A requirement to your happiness, what’s required is the relationship you have with yourself.
  • About focusing on changing someone because it benefits you and your expectations, it’s about acceptance of someone’s flaws and how you make this a part of your space and if you can’t, then doing what needs to be done.
  • About stringing someone along, it’s about letting them go, if you feel you need to get all aspects of your life together before you can fully commit to any relationship.
  • Who is right or wrong, it’s about how we can come together and work through this disagreement and move forward in a positive space.
  • Degrading, its building each other up, consistently.
  • About enabling someone’s not so great behaviors, it’s about knowing what you deserve and adjusting your life to make that a priority.
  • Unhealthy
  • The end all be all, maybe this energy with this person was not meant to be but that doesn’t mean you can’t create it with someone else or with you to start.

I could go on about this one topic but I’ll have plenty more to share in upcoming posts. I’m all about peace and love lately and you owe to yourself to be in a relationship that is a good fit for you. A healthy, positive space that uplifts you in so many ways.

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2 thoughts on “What A Relationship Doesn’t Have To Be

  1. You’re right on point…I don’t have anything more to add. I thought I had something to add to the above blog. After reading it again for the second time, I realized that we both have similar opinions about relationships.
    Thanks for a very well written article.

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