Finding Happiness at Work

Another pretty cool week coming our way, focusing on our happiness. Some thing I did last week, well two things, I did the power hour, and loved it. Felt so accomplished in the amount of time I did it and I actually finished earlier than an hour. Another thing I implemented is Wellness Walks for the week. I did this with my department this past week and I will be doing it every week, but it goes into what I wanted to talk about today in how we add happiness throughout the day.

The point of these walks, is getting out of the office for a few minutes to help get your mind off things, focus on anything besides work, enjoy the company of others and just be able to regroup and re-do the next half of your day.

After we walked almost everyone had a small boost of energy, our moods were elevated, people were smiling, laughing so I say all this to say, its needed.

Happiness Should Be A Priority Even At Work

Your happiness should be a priority even if its at work How do you usually take time out for yourself at work? We spend a good chunk of our time and energy at our jobs, but do we also spend time in making sure we’re implementing small things to get ourselves through the day and relaxing or do we wait until we get home?

Yes, your schedule could be jam packed but there are small moments of time that can be carved out for you to have that “me time” and create that happiness space outside of your home.

You owe it to yourself in some way to create some peace during your day instead of prolonging it until you get home. Sometimes we get home and our whole day has really passed us by and we usually repeat the same process and how we feel can just seem monotonous and tiring. The same thing, day in and day out but no time made to break that cycle and increase our happiness in some way. Some things needs to change and here are few ways to change up your work routine and build on your happiness.

Here are some ideas:

  • Take a few breaks while sitting at your desk, where you identify 3 positive things that have occurred so far.
  • Stretch at your desk, meditate, listen to a short mindfulness video.
  • Turn off  some notifications, emails are important but maybe set up times throughout your day, when you read emails and respond.
  • Take your eyes off the computer screens or phone and just take a step back, rest your eyes for a few seconds. Things can wait.
  • Find a positive quote for the day and write it on a post-it note. Place it somewhere you can look often and repeat it to yourself throughout the day.
  • Walk to someone’s desk instead of emailing them.
  • Have a nice scent at your desk and make it a point to savor that smell during the day.
  • Compliment yourself on something good you did today, big or small, its something.
  • Change up things around you, move the computer screen back, have a comfortable chair, remove some clutter and try to organize to find things a bit easier.
  • Eat outside
  • Mindfully take a walk and notice all the things going on around you as you walk.
  • Work in another area of your office, maybe theres an extra office that no one uses.
  • Have walking meetings.
  • Mind your business, office gossip only gets you dragged into wanting more, so try to focus on you and your work. Anyone bringing energy into your space, thats not needed, let them know where you’re mindset is at and its not focusing on things that don’t pertain to you.
  • Keep a few stress balls handy, have a crossword puzzle  or sudoku, just something to do in moments where you just need to take your mind off of work for a bit. Better yet have a small box full of things that can be good distractors for you.

Being at work, really doesn’t have to be that bad. Just like you create a peaceful space for yourself outside of work, having something like that at work, shouldn’t be any different. Your happiness is gained from making this a part of your work life. The only question I have for you now is When? Times a-ticking…


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