The “Power Hour” To Your Organization

Hello, new week, new good vibes coming your way and I’m bringing you  a tip for better organization of your time.

This weekend was spent just clearing my space and clearing my mind. I’ve talked about this before how your space is an important aspect of how your mind works. If it lacks organization in some way, I believe your mindset takes a bit of the burden. So, whenever I’m just trying to clear my mind, cleaning and organizing my space is my first focus.

This got me thinking on something I heard this week from the Happier Podcast,  to break down certain task by days.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed with having to get things done in a day,  break tasks down into smaller more manageable pieces each day.   Even though I enjoy cleaning, it can take a lot out of me. I’ve learned to break things down throughout one day or I will work on one area on Saturday (sweep and wash clothes) and finish that up on Sunday (clean bathroom).

To go a bit deeper into organization of your time also from this podcast was something I love and looking forward to implementing. The hosts mentioned something called the Power Hour. Where has this been all my life? Can I say that this is something so simple but such an important routine to implement,

The purpose of this hour is being able to pick a day that you can just knock out some things that you may have been putting off and have let pile up. This could be anything from going to the post office (I’ve been holding on to a few things I’ve needed to mail off for weeks now), making appointments, needing to go the bank, making your shopping list, etc. I’m looking forward to making this a weekly habit. I’ve had moments where certain tasks just pop-up in my head and I have every intention to attend to it but something happens to change my focus.

This power hour will be a game changer to give me a space to get these things done, feel accomplished and get these tasks crossed off my to-do list. Because that right there is another game changer, physically crossing things off your list can really do something to your confidence and motivation to keep going. If you haven’t ever tried it, please do and savor in the moment in how it makes you feel.

Get things going this week and have a focus on how you manage your time and organization.  Remove clutter that is not helping with productivity and keep yourself in line to get some things done.

If you have any additional  tips in mind, please let me know on how you get tasks done throughout the week.

Catch you in the middle of the week.


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