Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Hey there. Happy Friday and hoping your week went as well as planned. Wanted to share a bit on how comfortable we should be with where we’re at.

So, didn’t want to keep you too long but just had to vent about a recent story this week on actor Geoffrey Owens. He is an actor, that we know best from The Cosby Show and someone shared a picture of him working at Trader Joes (favorite place to shop by the way and waiting on stocks to be available on them).  We know him as an actor and have this image that Trader Joes shouldn’t be a place we would regularly see him at, especially on the other side of a cash register.


My vent today is why the need to embarrass others due to the expectations we have on where someone should be in their life. Since we obviously have this thought of actors, and he didn’t fit the current mold of ones mindset, he was posted everywhere on social media for all to see. We live in this world where we don’t think about the consequences of things, how this could have affected him, his family, etc. Not only do we need to change how public we make certain peoples lives without their consent but also our mindset on how we view these moments that can be uncomfortable for someone having to deal with the possible scrutiny.


We never know the path someone is on when we have a chance to experience their presence in some way and its learning to be accepting of where their at, what their comfortable with in this moment.  All jobs, regardless of where, are of importance and no one should have to feel bad in any position they hold at their place of employment and shouldn’t have to explain themselves.


What I appreciate about this story is how content he was with himself. Yes, it was embarrassing initially but he made a choice to keep things moving regardless of how others felt. This truly is the art of staying in your lane, a good lesson for this week.


Meet yourself where you’re comfortable, not where others want you to be. You know the steps to take and so its taking that time to nurture that goal. Just because others your age or in your field may be more advanced in what their doing, that isn’t a reason to stop, its still sticking to what works for you and knowing that you will get to a level you are proud of and thats all that matters. Challenge yourself this weekend in some way and focus on a path towards goals that you want for yourself. Plan things out, break it down and take that first step towards YOUR path.


Thanks for reading



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