Getting Back Into My Wellness Routine Things After Traveling

I know I left you guys high and dry for over a week and also let go of my wellness routine that keeps me balanced throughout the week. I was in Texas for family matters and that was my focus throughout so my wellness routine got thrown out the window. At first there was the stress that I had to complete my posts but I knew I wasn’t up to do much but spend quality time with my family and just be present. Now that I’m back it has been very difficult to get back into the swing of things with work, my exercise routine, my meditations, sticking to my vegan diet, taking my vitamins as needed, etc.

I’m trying to find that good balance, needing to learn a way to continue these things in a different environment because I get thrown off when my surroundings change. My home in Texas is familiar but I think there, my mind and body shift to relaxation mode and when I’m here in Maryland, I feel like I have a set lifestyle that can only be done here.

It can be a funny way of thinking about things but I feel like that’s how our minds work at times.  Are you able to stick to a healthy diet and workout regimen on vacation?? Take a sec..I’ll wait. It can be hard because we get thrown off when parts of our environment change and it can be difficult to shift or we may just wait until it becomes familiar again to continue the things we usually do.

For future situations, I have thought of some ways to help get me back into my wellness routine that I need to plan for moving forward.

Getting a good nights rest: I have a tendency of scheduling late flights and since I don’t take off work the next day, I’m usually a bit tired. For me to fully be able to head to work the next day like any other day, it can start with earlier flights so it doesn’t seem like the whole day is gone upon my return. I can still try to do a few things to prep for the next day. I can also think about trying to work from home the next day, calling out or just taking a day to recuperate.

Having groceries in the fridge: I have tried this a few times and it helped. It’s just remembering to do this all the time.  I’m not a big fan of frozen dinners but if there are healthy options or veggies that I can put together for a quick dinner or lunch for the week, it can help me feel a bit ready for the day to come. I won’t have to worry about the stress of what I’m going to eat the next day. Having ruminating thoughts about this, is not fun and I can end up not eating because it’s so difficult at times for me to find vegan options that I like and are easy to prepare. Meal prepping for me on the weekends is beneficial for me to stick to healthy eating and finding alternative ways to do this when I have traveled only helps me stick to my diet and gives me peace of mind.

Write notes on where I left off: This something I read about in an article and need to implement more. I think this can be applied to work or projects at home.  I have learned about the benefits of this and want to use it more to organize my time better when I return to work physically. It can be a bit easier to pick up from where you left off, when you have made a note on what you last did.  I have a notebook that I write certain notes in and this could be an additional task that I include into my routine to keep a log of things. This can keep me organized and limit switching from task to task without finishing things like I should.

Having a clean place: I don’t like coming home to a messy place, it just makes me feel more stressed out on what I need to do. What I find is when I return to a clean house, my mind is at ease when I walk through the door. I don’t have to worry about having enough energy to put things away because it’s already been done and its one less thing to worry about. I also have those scented plug-ins, so coming in and smelling a nice relaxing scent does it for me. To be honest thats one of the things I usually look forward to when I first walk-in, then human interaction. 🙂

*On a side note, to help me continue some sort of wellness routine while I’m away its planning how I will continue when I leave. I may not be able to do all my routine tasks but if I want to continue working out, bringing workout clothes and setting an alarm to get a quick work-out in. For my meditations, since I already have an alarm and I feel like I saw the notifications several times, I could have just worked on having a shorter session than what I’m used to. Also, having the mediation exercise I was going to do already picked out from YouTube would have helped me out as well.  Now I know.

How do you usually get into the swing of things when you return home? Do share if you have any suggestions.

The good thing about my time away, I made several notes on content for the blog so in between some of the busyness of my days, my mind was still focused on new things to add.

Thanks for reading


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