Your Goals, Your Focus, To get What you Want Out of Your Life

There’s a tendency for us to stop short of our goals because of unsolicited advice from others and also that inner self critic. There is that concern of “why” we at times don’t have the time or get our goals accomplished, but it’s that space you carve out for yourself to put any goal of yours into motion.

The great thing about our goals, is that its ours, no need for it to be perfect because maybe overtime, that goal can get adjusted. We all, I feel should have a goal to really give us meaning, a purpose on how we are trying to forever evolve.

When you make a goal for yourself, do the necessary planning on how to get there, one step at a time. Keep things as simple for you as possible, by breaking things down, work on your goals during times when you feel most productive so you continue to stay motivated.

When that oh so doubt tries to maneuver its way into your thoughts, think of a way to keep those thoughts at bay. Not every moment will work out the way you like but it’s just understanding the end goal, it’s compassionately going into things allowing yourself to make mistakes and learn from them to overtime make this a goal that truly works for you.

Lastly, stay in your own lane, with what works best of you. Another persons approach isn’t how you have to make your goals a reality. Do the things you want to do, in the space you want to. Maybe it’ll take you some time, maybe you don’t have all the answers or don’t know how to start, that is fine, the first step is just making sure this goal is yours and fits with what you’re trying to do in your life. There’s no need to imitate someone elses goals because we all know how that might play out. Be your own director on the goals you set and choose a path that works for you in getting the ball rolling.

One thought on “Your Goals, Your Focus, To get What you Want Out of Your Life

  1. True, true, and true…we should be determined, plan, “stay in our lane”, ignore the naysayers, and not to be stopped by any stumbling blocks. Thanks for sharing!

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