When Overwhelmed Look to Use “RAIN” As A Mindfulness Technique

I found a neat mindfulness technique to use in moments where you just need a moment to collect yourself to avoid not being  overwhelmed in the moment. It’s simply remembering the acronym RAIN and it helps with just taking it easy on yourself in the moment because in the midst of being stressed out in moments we have this bad habit of labeling. To move towards a more mindful approach in being in the moment, feeling what you’re feeling and learning why it is, you do the things you do, this approach can be helpful. This technique was developed by Vipassana teacher Michele McDonald.

Lets get to it.

  • R is for being able to Recognize what’s happening in the moment.
    • Identifying what is going on with you in the moment is key. For things to become real enough to manage, you have to recognize that they’re occurring.  Being able to truly recognize what is going on in your head, how your feeling, what behaviors you’re exhibiting, is where it starts so you can acknowledge what is going one with you in the moment.
  • A is being able to Allow things to occur as they are with no judgment.
    • In this moment, you want to make sure that you’re accepting of yourself for feeling the way you are.  No need to run away from how you’re feeling, you are in this moment to just let things be as they are, don’t judge yourself for feeling or acting a certain way, don’t even label it as “good” or “bad” just be in the moment of allowing yourself to be how you are so you can learn that not every single way that you are needs to be judged.
  • I is being able to Investigate 
    • Now that you know whats going on with you and you’re accepting of how you’re feeling without judgement, it’s about investigating how you got here. This is that time once again like I have mentioned in several ways to take that step back and retrace your steps on “What got you to feeling this way?” Gather up some evidence during this step because you want to answer some questions and get more in tune with how you choose to deal with things. Questions like, What makes you feel anxiety? Why have chosen to act like this and only focus on the negative? What does anxiety do to your body? This all  helps with making sure that you become more aware of your trigger points.
  • N is Non-identifyting
    • Lastly, this last part focuses on not being defined by your feeling, behaviors and thoughts. They are a part of you and do occur in any moment but its being able to disconnect from them in some way to come to some sort of realization that when things occur it’s not about labeling and putting yourself in a box.  Its knowing that things can occur in your day-to-day routine and you naturally can be aware of what is occurring, nothing more and nothing less.


This is a great mindfulness technique to use in moments that require you to observe in the moment instead of reacting. Practicing it over-time in situations makes it a part of a routine response to manage stress and learn ways to take control of how you’re feeling in the moment. When it RAINs, it pours and you’re always going to have to find a way to maneuver through a situation to not get caught up in all its chaos. This is a perfect way to   just be aware of YOU and after its being able to get to a place of being with the feelings, emotions and behaviors that may arise and learning to truly observe you in the moment.

If you have any other mindfulness tips, let me know.

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  1. Thanks for sharing above coping skills/techniques with us. I plan on practicing the above coping skills. Need more of the above coping skills to help us manage our daily stressful life situations.

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