Setting Your Intentions Allows For Much Needed Growth

Oh, look at that, trying to increase how often I post. I haven’t posted on a Friday in a while but I want to start and that right there is my ‘intentions’, that I’m trying to put into practice. I call this GROWTH *cue Insecure episode.

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This week for me showed me how much more I need to start taking my own advice at times, through self-care, especially when I just need it. So, during this week, I started out with a group of summer interns for a Wellness group and we worked on relaxation techniques they could utilize  but the first thing I had them do was set their intentions for this week. Our intentions are catalyst for the goals we are trying to work on. They are ways in which we make it clear to ourselves the path we wish to take to be more real with what we need to work on to accept this person that is evolving.  I have carried this with me all week and even made a quote about it on Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to send me a comment or say “hi” if you’re in either or those realms.  Even though I may have mentioned the importance of setting your intentions before, I stopped for whatever reason and its nothing like having that ‘ah-ha’ moment when something that worked for you in the past shows up in some way again.


Setting my intentions for the day/week needs to happen. I think even writing this down, makes it more real. It’s also about being as specific as possible, like you set out and start your SMART goals, it’s also about making sure you have a plan on how you intend to make this intention happen. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve said to myself I want to eat better, exercise more, stay consistent with a good routine and I never fully stayed with these things because I didn’t have a plan and didn’t write it out, it was all something I set out in my head to do and from that, it gradually disappeared.  Setting up some time where I schedule this time to set my intentions, repeat them in that moment and throughout the day is what I’m going for here.

The importance of writing things down to remember them, to plan things out for yourself, to release any pent-up feelings is so helpful and I hope its something you utilize in some way. I won’t keep you any longer on this Friday evening but do start to be intentional with what you want out of your life.

Have a good weekend and see you back next week.

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2 thoughts on “Setting Your Intentions Allows For Much Needed Growth

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I think it’s easy to forget how much positive change we can make as individuals if only we just take each day as it comes and try to improve on something – even if only in a small way. I’ve been unemployed the last few months so self-improvement and setting SMART goals have played a big part in keeping me going! 🙂

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