Grieve Accordingly and Remember the Good

I missed out on blogging last week, due to the passing of my brother. Going home to spend time with family down south was much-needed. I think for me the first day was tough but I’m doing better and writing a bit has been therapeutic. It really had me thinking today as I’m heading home from the airport, how do people grieve when there was much left unsaid?  Basically any unfinished business that now we are left on this earth to deal with since the person that the unsaid information focused on is no longer here. I think it can leave you with guilt, with some uncertainty about all that you could have done but didn’t. For me there were some things that I never quite mentioned but should have but now its about celebrating what I remember. I wish my brother and I were closer, but now I think it’s about how I choose to carry on the good things about our relationship moving forward.  Spending more time with loved ones, speaking my mind about things, writing a letter to my brother one day expressing all things that were left unsaid for me to move forward are a few things I plan to do. Like someone told me this time now, is for you to take time for yourself when you need it, it’s a time to take it easy, it’s a time to really focus on the positives about your brother and celebrate the good memories.

Everyone can grieve in different ways, there’s also stages of grief that one can go through. There is no time limit and you may go back and forth between stages. In this moment, it’s how you continue to take care of self. Recognize the emotions/feelings you have, be uncomfortable in them to cope with how you’re feeling in that moment, give yourself time,  and be mindful of the thoughts you carry. Lastly, this one was the hardest but it’s being able to let go and allow others to help you during this time, for you to get yourself right to move forward with you. Learning how to take your own advice is key but also its important for you to recognize the need in taking a step back and allow yourself time to process all that has occurred.

Talk to you later and thanks for reading


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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly that we all grieve differently…I pray to God to protect, guide, bless, and give you the strength during this difficulty time.

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