Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) on Social Media

Hello there, so I feel extra bad that I have been really neglecting my blog and will try to do better. Last week, I was on vacation in Mexico and thought that was a good time to really take time-out from everything and it was pretty nice to let go of any responsibilities I had for just a week. The trip did help me see the need to start focusing on some things that I’ve been wanting to do, like a new business idea and just really making sure that I don’t get stagnant in the motions of everything because there is still so much of life that I have yet to experience. One thing that I did try to do was just being in the moment and not feeling like I had to force myself to post on social media my every move. That right there brings me to my topic today, when we do too much for social media (others) that we can’t fully enjoy things as they are, only how we think others would. I feel we can share so much of ourselves because we think that others really do care that much and to be quite honest, everyone is really focused on the busyness of their own lives. We can do so much for the validation of others and Drake said it best on his new album.

“I know a girl whose one goal was to visit Rome. Then she finally got to Rome and all she did was post pictures for people at home. Cause all that mattered was impressing’ everybody she’s known”

Its become a competition to post about everything that we do and I question what we have left for ourselves to enjoy at the end of the day? We need moments for us that we are proud of, not what we think would get us more ‘likes’ at the end of the day. I stayed off social media for personal reasons for a long time but for promoting my blog in some way, I know it was needed but at times it really can get tiresome. It can be hard to enjoy life, when I feel I have to showcase a bit about myself so I don’t get forgotten in a sense.   Hashtags, needing to post several times a week/day and basically in a sense having to  compete with other folks that are already established, does make it difficult but since this is my passion just like you may have a passion, there’s always a way around obstacles.

To be honest there have been moments that I really have wanted to quit because it does get too much but I know that I’m making a difference for someone in some way so that’s what keeps me going. That one quote or mindfulness tip I may share can be the one thing that someone may need.  I’m trying my best to not get sucked into this world of fishing for ‘likes’ and truly trying to build my craft to do something more with mental health and all its layers, so do bear with me, if my posts aren’t as consistent as they should be, just trying to stay in my own lane, putting out content that is unique to me and that can be of value to anyone reading.

When It’s Time to Take a Step Back?

  • If how you feel is triggered by what you see others post.
  • If it’s the first thing you do when you wake up or when trying to pass the time
  • If you feel the need to always share to one-up someone else. 
  • If you feel the need to glamorize your life to give a false sense of whats going on.
  • If you feel you need some sort of validation.
  • If you feel like your missing out and need to constantly check on it.
  • If you don’t feel like its conducive to your overall growth. 

What we Need?

There is a balance that we all need, especially if you have any form of social media in your life. Taking control is a must, the fantasies that we see people create is what people want us to see. Life can get hard but sometimes it’s not glamorized to showcase that part of ourselves so be mindful in the times that we live. Oversharing doesn’t have to be a standard, appreciate the life you have for yourself and for the people who matter, explore and be active in the new things that you put yourself in and know that not everybody needs to experience everything with you for you to truly enjoy it. Learn to identify hobbies, time to yourself, healthy ways to improve who you are, read more and  just find a different way to get gratification that can uplift you and the space you’re in.

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