Motivate yourself in a simple step

I am back and wanted to share this tip for when you’re trying to get out of your head to some way motivate yourself.

When we are experiencing depression, anxiety, etc, this is what drives us to think the unrealistic things that we think and its what motivates us to sometimes do nothing. We may think about things in only one way because we are feeling one way but that doesn’t necessarily mean its an accurate representation of what’s truly going on.  Usually when we feel apathetic, stressed, anxious and just can’t find a way to start, what can usually keep us down is the “should,” “must,” and “ought” thoughts that arise in our head. When we say to ourselves that we have to do something,  I think that keeps us down even more because we are making a judgement call on what we think is the acceptable thing to do but at times that doesn’t fit in with what we want to do that will benefit us to continue going.  We can become stagnant and more  frustrated with ourselves on what we should be doing but can’t.

The key is removing these words from your vocabulary and asking yourself “What do I want to do in this moment?” and “What are the disadvantages/advantages of doing this thing I want to do? You can find that actively participating this way in moments where you’re not motivated, can be the little bit of spark that you may need to get you moving towards something. It makes you see the control you have, the choice you have and its all based on YOU, you can’t motivate yourself on what you should do, you motivate yourself on what you want to do, based on your values, not someone else’s.

Please feel free to share in hopes in can help someone or even you.


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