Being An Active Participant in All Aspects of Your Life

One thing that has really been sticking for me is being an active participant in all factors of my life. Sometimes we can go with the flow because that’s how others are moving and you miss focusing on your opinions, what you care about, how you feel in a situation, etc. I’m learning this is truly how you live and love the life you have by being able to be so present in situations that you can accept the feelings you have and cope with them if you’re uncomfortable, you learn that feelings are just that and your perception is what can be the factor that impacts how you feel.

It’s learning how to manage your feelings so that you can be ready for any situation and know you will and can control yourself. Being an active participant in your behaviors makes you more aware of your actions, identifying your trigger points and what you constantly do in situations, can help you see how to change things little by little. It will take time but it’s being patient with yourself and believing that you can control your behavior to be able to feel in control of you regardless of what the next person did or any unexpected situation that comes your way. When you allow your feelings and behavior to work together by identifying whenever you do these things, you also think about situations a bit differently. You think about how worth it, it is to react in certain situations, you problem solve and get to the core issue because at times it may not be what’s presently going on, it’s that you’ve carried over certain issues that have slowly just piled up and a release needs to happen.

So, like I’ve said this is where I’m at, attempting to be more vocal about my needs, being an active participant in what I want to do and the path I’m trying to take and just overall make sure I’m taking care of mind, body and soul. Now, I have a question for you, are you doing the same? If not, where can you start? Maybe a daily check-in consisting of questions like:

  • How are you today?
  • Is there anything that caught you off guard?
  • Do you need anything right now?

Something else that is really helping me is really giving myself pep-talks to really continue trying to be present. I’ve been working on listening more, identifying when my thoughts start to wonder and bringing myself back, focusing on the small things, enjoying the moment for what it is and truly identifying when my automatic thoughts are taking me back to a past way of thinking and learning how to rationalize my thoughts a bit more.

Practicing being grounded in any moment is also helpful, just overall awareness of how you are in any situation will help you see how important it is to feel, think and behave in the present moment to be able to actively be a part of YOUR life, and no one elses.

Being an active participant in your life is an important factor that we should all focus on and it just starts with making that choice to do so and making a conscious effort to be in the moment and not in your head.


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