How Serious is Your Focus In Finding Your Passion?

I see this quote almost every day on our fridge, “How serious are you?” and have been trying to find a space to really write about it finding your passion. I further got confirmation this past Sunday when I was watching Joel Osteen and the main point he was making was how hungry are you and I feel this really goes hand in hand with that quote, don’t you think?  For anything that you’re trying to work towards, to get to the level you expect it to be, it takes work. Work that we at times can give up on when we get disappointed or things don’t go as planned we can easily give up instead of trying the 300 other ways that it could work. I know that number seems extreme, but there is more than one way to look at things to get yourself a different outcome than you want.

Let’s say you’re working at a place you can’t really stand, maybe your passion is doing something completely different from what you’re waking up every day, spending 8 hours of your day to do, it’s about what steps are you taking to move towards your passion? What little steps will get you there? Sure, we can get complacent and feel we have no other options but that right there is the limitation we put on ourselves, that sneaky self-talk we at times think is on our side, those cognitive distortions that just automatically pop-up because they’re just waiting for that little ounce of doubt.   I saw a quote that resonates me, “We have as many hours in the day as Beyonce.” I love what she stands for in empowering women, and she didn’t just get to this point in her life by just accepting how things were, she took charge.  She made time to build her craft, and now she is the person she is, so regardless of where you’re at, you always have time to build your craft, to get to your passion, it’s never too late.  It may not be easy, but it can be done, schedule this time, continue to make self-care a priority, have a good balance but keep going.  Keeping thinking, keep challenging yourself, keep just moving forward.  A few things:

  • Don’t allow your self-defeating thoughts to takeover when things don’t go as planned, you can always challenge that talk.
  • When someone chooses to stray you away from this path because they just have an opinion, its ok to just listen but you don’t have to apply what they want into what you want.
  • Make it point each day to do something at least. We get motivated by our actions so its starting with one small thing and that is what will motivate you to continue to get on the path of feeding that hunger you have for your true passion.
  • Ask yourself every day, what did I do today towards my passion? Could I have done more? Did I challenge myself like I should have?

So, this is just a few suggestions/ideas that can get you going so what are you waiting for? Get to it. You will see one day how the energy you put into something, will give you what you wanted, you may change some things up during this process, maybe your goal will change but you will see what you need to see when you put in the time to get to where you’re trying to go.


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