Pushing Through

I posted a little a bit about pushing through on Instagram yesterday  and wanted to just go into more detail.

I was easily reminded this weekend, how things can pile up and factor into making you feel unmotivated. A close family friend passed away, I felt tired and exhausted and couldn’t get out of just how I was feeling. That for me, gave me all the reason I needed to just not want to do anything. For me, whenever things aren’t going quite like I want them to, I sleep or take a nap. This gives me an excuse to not have to deal with reality in the moment and it fixes things temporarily.

When I woke up the next day, I still didn’t feel so great and I stayed in bed for a while before finally getting up. The bed for me is a safe space, even though it’s not a good idea to do other things in bed besides sleep and that other thing. If I can accomplish little things while sitting on the bed, it pushes me to do more. So, I folded clothes, think I checked some emails and talked with JW. He can always find some way to uplift me and this situation wasn’t any different. In his preaching voice, he had me repeat, push through after every statement.

“I will push through to have a good day.” “I will push through and eat breakfast.” Cause we know how quickly our routines stop when we lack motivation. “I will push through and try to do something to feel better.” “I will push through and be positive.” This helped me and I had to turn things around on him yesterday, when he wasn’t feeling the day. I told him to push through it and thats what he did. It’s always a great feeling when you can encourage each other in your relationship.

You can and will push through things in your life, it may not be at a rate that you expect at times but every little ounce of energy counts. I say that to say, when you’re down, do 1 small thing,  if it’s just writing yourself a message, picking out your clothes for the day, you’re still doing something. If you’re anxious, it’s being able to  manage how you’re thinking in the moment or doing one small thing to let that anxiety pass. If you’re angry, it’s taking a step back and taking in one lonnnnnnnng deep breath to just bring you back down. We can always push through, it’s just believing that we have it in us, that’s number 1 and number 2, it’s knowing that any small step counts. We can get fooled into thinking that bigger accomplishments and steps are the only things that matter really. They do, but they aren’t anything without starting out small. You can always find motivation in some way. Let it start from what you think about yourself and what you feel you’re capable of in any given moment. 


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