Making Small Moments of Frustration Be Just That

Hey there, hoping you had a good weekend. It’s been a minute since I posted on Monday, may need to pick that back up. This weekend really does seem like a blur, needed one more day.  I did feel a bit accomplished fixing up our book shelf, mixed it up with a few trinkets as well as the usual books. I really can spend all day, moving things around and fixing up things in our place, not sure if that’s a good thing because then I want to buy things to replace where I moved it from.

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Something I learned this past week/weekend from JW is how quickly I can let a moment get to me, that it takes me away from enjoying anything else. So, one thing that occurred this weekend was losing my wallet twice, with the second time not being able to find it. Sigh. But during this process, I learned that I still have more work to do on how I choose to handle situations but still proud of my progress.  When I was frantically looking for my wallet, the first time, I was becoming frustrated, annoyed, not thinking before I spoke, etc and JW was watching me in the midst of all this and kept telling me to still be positive in some way, think about the next step, instead of staying in this state of frustration. But, seriously who can think positive when you’re in a moment filled with anxiety and uncertainty?  I was not able to think clearly or focus on tracking what I did prior to me losing my wallet I because I was just upset with myself.  I was rushing to get somewhere so that didn’t help the situation. Several times he had me STOP and just provided with the most uplifting advice of not allowing this small part of my day, to affect my mood.

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This really did make me think after the fact, just how we allow little things that we at times have no control over, take over our whole mood which flows into the rest of the day. We may not stick to a particular routine because that little thing has us a bit flustered, or we can just stay in our head and keep revisiting whatever that thing is,  that you don’t notice the positive moments that could really help improve how you feel.

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You have a choice on how you allow certain things to affect you. You can choose to take a step back in these moments to think clearly about what you can do from here and learn from these experiences to not repeat certain things. For me, it’s putting my wallet in the same place each day so I carelessly don’t throw it somewhere and have to frantically search for it the next day.

When I was able to breathe, take a step back, it really opened my eyes for me to see that the weather was actually really nice today,  that it was going to be a great day because of how excited I was about attending this conference that day. Lastly it really made me appreciate that person in my corner that can always help me shift my focus when the day isn’t going as planneed.

This is just a reminder to not let small moments takeover your energy. There’s more to life than those moments that you won’t remember days from now. You can choose how much you allow small moments to drain you. Choose to be in control of those moments, knowing what in that moment is not conducive to your growth and what you need to let go of to be able to still take in good moments of your day to enjoy it like you should.

This right here is true GROWTH, manage it wisely.



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