Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling, how my life has changed. So, I needed to find a way to make my life a bit easier. I’ve been having quite a bit of difficulty with attention. Having so much to do at times and not knowing where to start. If I do start, its learning to stay on one task long enough to finish things all the way through.

I did some research and kept seeing bullet journaling pop up in my Instagram feed so I gave it a go. I’m only a week in, even though I’ve been looking at ideas for several weeks now. I was pretty close to jumping into it without knowing all the details and that right there is growth for me because I stopped, thought about it and researched before diving in.  If you haven’t heard about bullet journaling, it’s a simplified way to manage tasks or other things in your life in one journal. For me, I needed to be held accountable for things that I had every intention of starting but at times let slip on by because of how busy I got. I needed to have a way to focus on tasks,  notes, ideas, my daily routine schedule, all in one and I believe I found the answer.  All the things that I really need to focus on are in this journal and everything else has been demoted because I can’t keep focusing  on everything. What I’ve found in my planners over the years, is just that I would add several notes and tasks that I would continue to pass over and neglect doing because of unknown reasons. In thinking about it, it really didn’t serve a purpose for me, there wasn’t an intended goal to really do it, it was just in that moment something to write down.

With this bullet journal, they use a term called rapid logging (where you are logging in tasks, notes, scheduled events, etc) and updating things by crossing out what no longer matters or marking an “x” if you complete something. You can migrate things to another part of your journal and so much more. I’m a bit excited writing this out so you’re going to have to excuse me. You have a key of what you want certain things to mean, as well as an index to find where things are. If this is something you try, this is your journal and simplify how you like after reading through the main components of whats needed.

There are quite a few examples of how creative people can get with their journals but I’m living that simple life and this right here works for me.

I have a future log (things I plan to do in the months to come) and I also have a list of places I would like to visit in DC as well as places I would like to travel to. I will keep adding to this list as ideas come to mind.

Next, is my monthly log, a simplified way to look at the month in addition to my tasks that I want to complete for April.

Following that is my healthy habit tracker, things I want to start to focus on consistently because following them gives me a good result in how I feel. I also feel productive throughout my days knowing that I went to bed at my scheduled time or meditated that  morning on how I wanted my day to go.  I have a page on less complaining and more restructuring so it’s a way to challenge myself in moments when I want to complain and each time I color in a coin that’s a dollar I need to put in a jar because I do want to break that habit.

Lastly, is my daily log of things that have come up each day, things I’ve finished or crossed out due to not needing to do them anymore.

What I like about this journal is, it’s a constant reminder on holding my self accountable. I like to see progress, even if it’s in the smallest form. Taking time out of my day to color things in or make note of tasks/events really has kept me motivated to want to continue.

I may not have explained everything in detail but to get an idea you can start here.


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