Savoring Daily Moments To Appreciate the Art of Being Present

How often do you savor certain moments? I think we can accept that we have good moments in our lives. However, at times these good moments can be overshadowed by the need to want to know the next step instead of just savoring this moment for just a bit.

Savoring in the moment means being present, getting out of your head and just being. Be mindful of what the moment is, be mindful of how it makes you feel, be mindful of your role in this moment. When you can take in certain moments, let the good feeling sit with you for a bit. You tend to seek out more moments like this and you’re more likely to appreciate more moments like you should. Being an active participant in various aspects of your own life requires just a little bit of stopping to “smell the roses.” Life doesn’t have to be a constant race to always be on the go. Sometimes you can just take a moment and savor it for what it is and nothing else. Extend feelings of positive energy by savoring those good moments and consistently choosing to incorporate it, into your everyday routine.

Practice being in moments where you can savor what you’re doing and be mindful of all the things around you. So, the next time you plan a walking excursion, pay attention to the smell of the air, the sun beaming down, the nice cool breeze you feel or just the greenery of beautiful flowers peeking out just in time for spring.  Moments like this I really enjoy because the simplest things as I’m walking somewhere can change my mood and that for me can erase a moment of uncertainty, self-criticism, or frustration.

Partake in a bit of a savoring during the day. The way you would savor that last piece of your favorite food or drink (ahem Rosé). Be in the moment, share the moment with others, want more of those moments and continue to mindfully create those moments for yourself.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle of everyday life moments that can leave you with little time to yourself. Create moments of stillness for you to sit back and enjoy all aspects of the present moment.

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