ReConnecting Jar

In wanting to just add a few self-care tips that I utilize, I wanted to start making some of my posts about tips/techniques that can help with different areas of one’s life. I have a hard time with consistency so thats why I want to test it out. I know my issues is just how fickle I can be with routine things but I know its still trying to consistently do things but changing things up every once in a while to not in a sense feel like I’m not repeating things over and over. A tangent was just about to start but I just stopped it in its tracks. Love how my mind works

I posted about this Reconnecting Jar on Instagram and wanted to really elaborate more on this. I noticed this on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try. Since we sometimes may run out of ideas for date night or just something quick we can do at home, this jar has been something we are using that for. We are waiting until the jar is full before we start pulling things from it but I thought it was a good idea to really reconnect with each other. We both have quite a bit going on and that sometimes can take precedence over us truly bonding so having this jar will be really helpful.

As an online counselor, I deal with quite a few relationship issues and one pattern I’ve noticed is how couples can get stagnant. They can lose sight of goals they want for the relationship and just ways of just bonding and learning new things about each other. This is something that I don’t want to occur, so anything that we can do to still connect, still evolve, still communicate with each other is ideal. In relationships, there is that tendency to get comfortable with each other and certain things can stop, so this is just a way to spice things up.

Lastly, if someone isn’t in a relationship, this jar can be a way to reconnect with self. You can fill it up with positive affirmations, daily mantras, or activities that you would like to implement in that routine of yours.  It can be a source for you when you just need a reboot and need to find yourself again, it can remind you of some things that you have dismissed wishing your busy schedule and just a way to motivate yourself again to get back on track.

This jar can be used in several ways but I’m just using it as a reconnecting jar for JW and I. Anything to build up momentum in our relationship and keep communication is the focus. If you have something like this or think of other ways to reconnect, shoot me a message, always open to new ideas.

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