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I’ve been trying to finish this post since the middle of the week because it was a thought that sprang up on my morning commute,  I started a little blurb about this on my instagram and wanted to elaborate more on this because I’ve been observing it through interactions I have with others and sometimes I get reminded that I don’t implement this as much as I should.  For example, Jade will always say such encouraging things to me, if I’m doing something new with my hair, continuing to stay focused on my blog, he always finds a way to really lift me up and you want to know what I do in those moments, not all the time but at times, I may laugh it off thinking he’s joking or may not really believe it in myself yet so even though I may appreciate it, I may think more about what was said, and that truly needs to stop.  Really all this is about how we take in compliments that are given to us throughout our day, doesn’t matter how big or small, if we believe it in ourselves or not but being in the moment to accept this positive statement someone had the courage to express and direct towards us. One of the things that I have noticed is how we can disregard the compliment, kind of dismiss what has been said by adding additional statements to that compliment, like “no, I don’t deserve that” or “it was nothing” or “thank-you, but…” maybe there’s a hand motion of in a sense pushing away what has been said, hope that makes sense.  As I have been thinking about this, I think at times since we may not see this particular great compliment in us currently, we can do everything in that moment to really disregard and devalue our greatness, could be just my opinion but that’s what I feel I see at times. Also, there’s a sense of dissecting what someone has said after the fact, second-guessing that moment and I just want to say, just relish in that moment, that compliment was meant for you and no one else. So, really the whole purpose of this post is just the art of saying “Thank-you” and nothing else and to do that well, this can help:

Hope you are having a great start to your weekend and I’m out fixing to head to my dance class that I’m oh so excited about.


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