Quote of the Day

Happy Friday and hope your day is starting off well wherever you are and if not making it a point to add some positivity in your day to have a better outcome. I’ve been thinking about just the process of making changes and actually getting to a point where we actually are different and look at things a bit differently and so that’s why I came up this quote today, all by myself. I feel like I’ve used this quote, maybe said differently but meaning the same thing when talking to anyone especially my clients, practice, practice, practice. We can’t expect to change overnight, the time it took us to be the way we are, means it’ll take some time to make some of those positive changes that we seek. I also I thought about how we can go about changes and how pathways in our brain are created to let changes evolve and overtime become automatic so I really got into this post on Pinterest on rewriting our brain so this was another reason I felt the need to share this quote. We can’t expect for things to just come easy, you’re going to have moments as you’re making a change, where you think things are working, it is working keep going, you may not see it, but physiological things are occurring to really get you to where you’re trying to be, like I’ve said before celebrate small accomplishments and just keep going, each day may not look exactly as you want but the change will come, nurture it, focus on how you can overcome any obstacles that can come your way but just keep going, you can and will do it so amp up that positive self-talk to keep you going and when you finally make this change to improve the person you are, it becomes something that you don’t have to think twice to do, it’s already become a part of you so the change you want is coming, just keep doing what you’re doing, change things up in the process but continue, keep fighting for it, because it’s up to you, you determine how much you want it. Now get going, stop reading, get to it..

Thanks for coming and reading.


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