Are We Comfortable with Staying in the Past?

How do you deal with “old baggage” (issues from your past  which can’t be changed, accompanied by residual feelings, this consumes energy that might otherwise be used for self-improvement)? Sometimes the reason we can’t move forward the way we would like is that thing from our past that we can’t necessarily let go of, sometimes subconsciously. You could have pain tied to this situation, may have been hurt by someone and never fully been able to recover from it because sometimes we do stay in the moment of our past hurt that we can’t fully move forward, we can bring symptoms of our “old baggage” to different areas of our lives, whether it be a new relationship or not being able to grow the way you would like. We seem to think we may be good to go after things occur in our lives and if you don’t fully check in with yourself to in a sense cope with what happened, you carry forms of this hurt with you and it can come out in the most unexpected times. We also have a tendency to project some of our past hurt into new situations thinking we’ll get a different outcome and this is how we at times can sabotage a good feeling, a good relationship, a good goal, a much needed growth opportunity to improve who we are because we still have the same mindset, we haven’t fully changed or been able to let go of what happened. Its so important to check-in with yourself consistently, making it a habit to release things going on with you, learning to manage these things, making it an important focus so you’re not carrying it around and you’re not pushing it deep down to where it just lingers and never gets handled. We can have that fear of facing some of our fears that the more we try to run away from it, the more it spreads and becomes who we are, which we don’t want but don’t have a choice when we don’t face these issues. As you go into this week and think about some ways that you could be possibly holding yourself back, really dig deep and analyze any past situations that you’re still in a sense carrying with you and its time to work on letting it go. Think of ways to let things go and after that think about what you’ll do with this extra energy, once you get rid of that “old baggage”

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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