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How things slip my mind, I didn’t add a quote of the day this week. I did happen to share on Instagram, if you follow but this quote really is something that I thought about this weekend and has been something that I have been trying to focus on lately. When the new year comes, we always have a new vision of how we want things to go, whether its improving our fitness, changing how we think, maybe traveling more but not sure if I really ever tried to dig deep into finding my true gift, I feel I’m there, I enjoy helping others, I enjoy making a difference but I guess for me, I want to do more with that and its figuring that out for myself to truly be happy with this thing we call life. So this quote really did make me think a bit after I had posted it, I think it also helped that JW has been pushing me to do this, providing me with encouraging statements, that I needed to be reminded of and he also was listening to motivational speakers throughout our place so that in a way ignited something in me to really dig deep into my gift. This quote right here really does say that you have a purpose and its believing that, because that’s where it starts, you have to believe in you first for all other things to fall into place, so if our mindset needs to change before starting this journey, then it’s focusing on that bc if our thoughts aren’t right, we won’t be right as we go towards this journey of really finding this great gift that we have and need to share with the world. So, if you really are serious and really want to find your purpose in life, dig deep, spend some time with yourself and continue this on a daily basis to get to where you’re trying to be, nothing can stop you, if you have a plan and focus on that consistently, so find that gift, whatever it is and when you do, nurture it, do something everyday to make that gift a stronger part of you. Happy Sunday peeps.



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