Quote of the Day

We always talk about balance and the benefits of having a balanced life but how often do we truly create it in our lives? How often do we balance our lives with what makes us happy? Yes, you can focus on making sure you’re giving half here and there to things in your life but are they meaningful to you or are you carrying out tasks based on someone else’s dream and path. If you have certain things in your life that are part of your everyday routine  and they don’t necessarily bring you joy or happiness, then its time to make a change, create all around happiness in your life and keep doing it because the more we move towards a path of creating our own meaningful happy life, it becomes real. I think right now, we as individuals aren’t living our best true life at times, out of fear, out of change, we aren’t where we should be. We hold ourselves back fighting daily battles on wanting to take the plunge but how and when is met with so many what-ifs that we end up continuing on the life that we are currently accepting for ourself. So, what does this all say, work towards a life that is meaningful and balanced for you, make things a reality, the time is now, time waits for no one, stop putting your goals to the side, they are important and each day work towards that, the more you move towards the life you want, filled with things and people who support you, the more you get to your authentic self, your true meaning, your true passion in life and the more you just become real with yourself.


Again thanks for reading and have a good weekend!



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