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We are in the 2nd week of the new year and hoping you’re doing well. I went a bit crazy with shopping this weekend, looking at ways to organize and just get things out of the way. After a while of just not seeing things in a designated spot, I just need some organization in my life, so I spent some time at Ikea this weekend, next step is HomeGoods, I can get lost there just buying little knick knacks for the place, things we may not need, getting excited even thinking about it. Sorry, just went on a little tangent but we can apply todays topic to shopping. How? Let me tell ya, so first I ask, “Do you have a happy place” to relax after maybe a long days work, a place to meditate if you partake in that, a place to go when you just need a “woosah” moment. At one point in my life my “happy place” just happened to be my closet, it was filled with things that made me happy and I could literally be in my closet all day, certain pieces in your closet you just remember what you’re doing when you wore it and how you made the outfit so I find positive vibes in my closet, but since our closet is in a state of transition, my temporary place is in front of our mini library. It’s still surprising to me how after all these years I can still sit Indian style for so long. Ok. Alvina, focus, my attention gets the best of me sometimes,  so your happy place is supposed to be a relaxing spot for you, emphasis on “you” you want to create a space that is filled with things that help with relaxation. Create a comfortable sitting area for yourself, add some pillows if that works, add some color around you, have you ever heard how certain colors can influence how we think about things? Well it can, so add a bright color that may brighten your mood, maybe have some soothing scents around, have some pictures that are relaxing as well. These are just some ideas, don’t have to use all but just ways to create a good space for yourself, so whenever you need a moment, this is where you go, hence how shopping comes into play here. Having this space can help in so many different ways, it has helped me in times where I just needed to repeatedly use a deep breathing technique and remove myself from a situation that triggered my anxiety, it has helped with reflecting on what has happened during the day and a time for me to release, whether through journaling or just calming my thoughts. It has helped in letting me carry this over to the outside world, so since I can’t bring my happy place with me having a place that I consistently go to, to practice healthy techniques, is helpful so,  I’ve learned to create a similar space outside of the home by taking moments during the day when I need it and just going somewhere I can practice healthy coping skills, so it has taught me to consistently use these coping techniques even in unexpected situations, my thought process automatically shifts to relax and create that space for myself. Create a good space for you and use it accordingly.

Happy Monday, be great today, you will have a good day, speaking things into existence early on in the day, makes a world of difference.


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