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I shared this quote on Instagram and missed adding it on here. I just feel like sometimes we are dealt several not so good moments out of our control and we have a choice on how we allow this situation to effect us. You can choose to allow situations to break you or you can choose to say you know what, “This situation sucks but I’m not going to allow it to define me.” You know how we allow some situations to take over our emotions and we can’t really get out of a certain feeling just because of how we think about the situation, as bad as a situation can be you have a choice to decide, if you want to be angry, sad, happy, or just brush it off your shoulders and keep on going towards what you’re trying to accomplish. This quote resonates with me in so many ways because I have had some moments in my life, where I really could have given up on my goals, I couldn’t see that things would get better, I just wanted to be in the moment of pain/hurt and allowed that to take over my life at some points. The only way I really got through things, was giving myself time, after a while of just internalizing things, I started to put certain time limits on feelings of sadness, anger, wanting to cry, etc, then after I had to pick myself, I had to do something out of my comfort zone in that moment to kick the feeling I was experiencing. It has helped me in how I deal with things now, I feel as I’ve gotten older, I look at things a bit differently and I focus on whats within my control, what it is I can change, how I can react a bit differently to a situation. Still not perfect with things but I’ve gotten better on not letting situations out of my control get the best of me. When faced with adversities in your life, you have a choice on how to react next, not all situations will go as planned, so just be mindful of how you choose to react.  Just wanted to share and hope you’re enjoying the weekend.


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  1. I really cannot thank you enough for these wonderful posts. They have helped me tremendously in dealing with certain feelings. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

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