Getting Motivated

Happy new year and thanks for coming back. I’ve been going back and forth on my topic today, didn’t want to repeat what everyone else was mentioning out there right now about starting the year off  right making goals, etc. All these things are important but I really wanted to start from the angle of motivation, to get us through things, to push ourselves to another level to make ourselves improved individuals, we have to start somewhere and I sat thinking a few days back, what is my motivation? What gets me up in the morning? What gets me going on days where I feel not so great? What keeps me pushing through even though I have my flaws?

For me, one is my Faith: Knowing that everything will work out the way it should and I will never be given an obstacle that I can’t fully handle.

Another is Hope: This is the motivating factor that we all have in a sense to believe that things could be different.  You hope that life gets better, you hope that one day, you’ll be doing everything you’ve hoped for, you hope you get noticed by that one person one day, and hope you can become a better person even with all the obstacles that come your way. Having a small ounce of hope keeps you going and is tied to our positive thinking, so when your thoughts include some glimmer of hope you see the potential for a different outcome, you may not necessarily know what exactly needs to be done but you have a sense of urgency to see how, if that makes sense. It’s a belief that there is a possibility, out of all the wrong ways something can go, there’s always hope that things can turn out for the best. If we could stick on our hopeful thoughts for a while, we can truly let them carry us on to try to improve situations within our control. Simple thoughts that I restructured below you can do as well, learning to replace the word “hope” with a more forceful stance on what you can do to get you where you would like to be.

“I hope my life gets better” to “Things will get better starting with me doing ……….

“I hope to be working doing what I love with the title that I’ve always wanted” to “I will be doing what I love one day and to get there I will…………

“I hope to become a better person” to “I will become a better person by ……..

Hope is what gets you started, taking control follows and planning how is how you transition from just thinking to doing.  

Lastly, another thing that gets me going is me, I know I’ve mentioned this in another post but it really is believing in self, your worth, believing in what you’re capable of, believing in what you know you deserve and believing that you have a purpose and regardless of anything that comes your way that’s what you will continue to strive for.

So tell me, What is  your motivation?

Come back for Wellness Wednesday to see how to take control of your life and plan how to get to where you want to be.


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